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  1. So, swapped the High Pressure fuel pump with a Bosch Refurbished one from TTAutos, Now the fault only occurs after about 1 1/2 hours of driving!! Once triggered though is easy to trigger again. So difficult now to replicate Needed one of these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Diesel-Injection-Removal-Sprocket-Breaker/dp/B00O0W0KEU/ref=sr_1_3?crid=F1443FJ9S01N&keywords=bmw+fuel+pump+tool&qid=1567246326&s=gateway&sprefix=bmw+fuel+pump+tool%2Caps%2C441&sr=8-3 Interesting / disappointing to find out that a lot of BMW drivers experience the same problems, so assumed was a generic common rail problem, Found this site though: https://www.pfjones.co.uk/troubleshoot-a-diesel-engine.html
  2. Go for an OEM pump (not necessarily Genuine Land Rover) the cheap pumps fail very quickly. Monitor the low pressure side when the engine is running (Hawkeye Total, Live data) it should be between 300 and 350kPa (3 - 3.5bar) The Low Pressure sensor is located on the low pressure fuel line in the engine bay on the chassis rail, check the connections. If the only fault is a P1260, it may just be a blocked filter, though it's most likely to be a low pressure fuel pump, remember to replace the filter at the same time. It's 14 years old, so not too surprising.
  3. Hoping that this will wake up the thread My problem is the same, 06 Td4 Auto L314 (aka FL1) I am aware of at least 3 others with a similar problem What are ALL the possible causes of a fault code, read using a Hawkeye Total, and the actual fault and solution?: DTC No: P1190 Fuel Pressure Plausibility. Governer Deviation versus Engine Speed to High Only comes on after engine is thoroughly warmed up (4-5 miles) and go over 2500 revs, resetting it and it quickly comes back, Leave it long enough and the MIL comes on. Let it cool down, and it repeats as above, i.e. problem only when warm. driven 5 miles or so. It will hold the higher revs when cool. Changed the Fuel Pressure sensor, same Changed the fuel filter, same, (rear offside wheel well) Checked low pressure pump, A) plenty of flow, b) maintains a consistent 320-350Kpa (3.2-3.5 bar) Changed the Fuel Pressure Regulator Cleaned the not dirty or clogged Fuel Pickup (Sender) in tank filter. New Air Filter, New Oil Filter, modified crankcase breather Still has the problem - what is left ? I found this on a BMW forum, don't know if it is / maybe the solution? BMW.pdf
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