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  1. I've got one of these. Odd thing, only does three pieces of toast! It was a wedding present in 2002. I've recently had to fit a new timer. Easy and straightforward. I like it, a lot
  2. Got one of these on the farm. 2 Stroke Diesel MF25
  3. We do need a place to post pictures like this...
  4. If you had said a 'full size' would be suitable.... James is just looking at 1080 at the moment (MF), which has the usual head porosity issues caused by poor earthing; with the intention of swapping in a three cylinder Detroit. His 135 is a 1964 model and has been on the farm all it's life - working hard. Still runs like a sewing machine David Brown 880 or 990 selectamatic or implematic are about the best of the bunch for price and reliability. Oddly enough they tend to be cheaper than MF135's or Dexta's and not as popular on the show circuit or ploughing circuit. There's a four cylinder
  5. Before delivery It's essentially an aluminium self supporting body that you can bolt onto a chassis
  6. Fair point. Those stains will never be washed away 😔
  7. https://www.hardbody4x4.com/land-rover.html
  8. Lot of money. Lots to check for legality as well Someone just tried to sell my mate a 1983 90. Said Land Rover Diesel on the MoT check... But the leaf springs were oddly coil shaped. Checked with the Police and the reg belonged to a series 3, happily working away up in Jocklandshire. This 'very early 90 with original 200tdi' was in Whitstable If you want to go Overland I would suggest you start by splitting your budget in three. Pay a third for the vehicle, a third for the build and keep a third for sorting out problems. If you have to go Land Rover, ignore the heart and listen to th
  9. Fully agree. I have four - so I don't have to keep changing disc types. The oldest and most reliable was 6.99 at B&Q in a sale over twenty years ago. It spent a winter under water. Still works hard, but not as hard as it did.
  10. Yes, but The Commons House Commitee on Classic cars did prove that the industry is worth 5.5 billion year and that was in 2015
  11. I stopped buying Gucci kit years ago. Whether chainsaws or power tools, I got sick of stuff being stolen, damaged or lost by others. I buy Einhall tools these days. Good quality, low price and brilliant spares back up. And often paid off with one job.
  12. You can make the masses believe anything is evil. Look at Veganism - some people honestly believe the nonsense about farming being dangerous for the environment. Look at Trump - some folk genuinely believe he is the saviour... So all it takes is for PETA to create some more b*ll*x about something....glyphosate causing cancer, lambs being skinned for their fleeces, diesel car drivers spreading Covid 19 when drinking the blood of small children; and as for those V8 petrol driving children of BAAL and their cannibalistic rites
  13. a failing UJ has a hi pitched chatter/rattle, but only on and off the power. The only way to truly check a UJ is off the vehicle
  14. It's interesting just how much a collection of bits of thin steel tube can really much up the aerodynamics of a brick. I love my roof rack, but the reduction in noise and the added 2 mpg means it stays on the drive unless needed
  15. The series box is an LT76. Later modified into an LT77, than an R380 The LT77, coupled to a 1.22Tbox and 30" diameter tyres, runs 70mph at 2.600rpm (give or take) and 60mph at 2,200rpm. Meaning it's at the sweet spot at 60mph. The best place for fuel economy and grunt. More than that and it gets louder and progressively faster, using fuel like it's going out of style. A 200/300 will happily sit at 3000 rpm all day and night, but that's fuel inneficient and lacking in overtaking oomph A Series 111 LT76, Coupled to a AshTrans HR TB, running 3.54's and 75x16's is hitting 2,600 rpm
  16. IF I ever find myself in the financial position to do so I would buy one. But the money for a 'Grenni' would buy a couple PS110's, a nice V8 Disco and a decent Mk4 Hi-Lux Crew cab, with change for a decent family holiday in Australia Buying new vehicles is something of an anathema to me. Seems so much for nothing
  17. another notoriousleak point is the wiper mount plates. The seals around those rectangular plates just dry out and don't work. Running a smear or silicon around them works wonders
  18. Timpson's can be very useful with stuff like this
  19. Personally I'd prefer a Fairey (ooer) then it can be used as a splitter
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