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  1. Those SRD500070 SLABS units are hard to find but do pop up on eBay every once in a while for crazy money.
  2. Like rockets on a turtle. lol
  3. On my Disco 2 I have a 75lbs (pounds) strut I bought off of an eBay seller in the states. They came as a set but I only used 1 gas prop. I tried a 60lbs strut at first but it wasn't strong enough and couldn't hold the bonnet open. 75lbs works great.
  4. The flashing M&S lights can be caused by any electrical faults. Low battery voltage, bad/loose connections to battery, xyz switch going bad, alternator going bad... Get the fault codes read so you can narrow down the problem.
  5. Cheap fix but very time consuming if the shift doesn't work. if it were the stock front driveshaft, I'd replace it.
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