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  1. Same here at 50 years old. No fever or chills but the common cold/allergy symptoms. I can even hold my breath for over 10 seconds with any chest pain or discomfort.
  2. Still a good show though.
  3. It was meant as a joke mate. @Nonimouse and I could have googled your question for you too. lol
  4. Could be bad fuel? Do the easy things first... check or replace air filter, spray clean MAF sensor, throttle body and also the IAC valve. Report back...
  5. Gotcha. Cheers! I received my pair of front hubs made by Taiwan company Trusted Reliable Quality (TRQ) part number BHA54105 / 1ASHF00449 which cross references to Land Rover’s part number TAY100060. These front hubs have the indent channel for the rear hub's o-ring.
  6. Is this true? I've read on a few other forums that the D2 front hubs had the longer sensor cable. I looked in the RAVE manual and it doesn't specify the lengths. Maybe the length is up to the different manufacturers of the hub?
  7. Get an UltraGauge or a good diagnostic tester to monitor your temps in digits.
  8. Is the alarm going off also with flashing lights? try resetting the inertia switch under the bonnet or opening your drivers door with the EKA code.
  9. A couple of the Land Rover stealerships in my East Anglia area charge 80+ quid to retrieve the EKA Code. That is ridiculous for a 10 second scan. I do it for free (or for a beer!) for forum members in the local area with my Nanocom.
  10. IMHO... Find someone with a Foxwell, Hawkeye or Nanocom to help change that EKA code to something easier to input and remember.
  11. Those SRD500070 SLABS units are hard to find but do pop up on eBay every once in a while for crazy money.
  12. Like rockets on a turtle. lol
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