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  1. Hi all,

    We have a 05 Freelander TD4 which has recently developed a lack of power intermittantly coupled with the engine management light coming on. 

    While driving it it will rev sometimes to 2000rpm and other times to 3500rpm before the lack of power occurs. When the lack of power shows itself the engine management lamp with the exclamation mark illuminates, as you back off the throttle and the revs drop the engine management lamp goes out. On the odd occasion the lack of power happens and the engine management lamp does not illuminate..... I initially thought Air Mass Meter due to the sometime lack of  the warning lamp, however when I code read it (on a Hawk Eye total) , it showed an error code of P1260. After reading on here it would point to the low pressure fuel pump in the wheel arch.

    My first question is is it more likely to be the pump than a rail sensor fault and secondly is it best to opt for a genuine pump ? There is a massive difference in price between genuine and aftermarket, but I don't really want to be doing the job again due to a cheap pump giving up the ghost. Although the vehicle is 2005 it has only covered 56K miles, so my confidence in the genuine one is also low?

    Many Thanks in advance.

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