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  1. Hi out there to all the members who have helped me sort the problem with my Hot start.My local Garage can fit the Timer Relay and Resistor to the Engine Coolant Sensor,however they have never done 1 before and would like me to supply the wiring schematics/wiring diagram for the connections for the relay to the sensor.

    If anyone has this information I would greatly appreciate it so I can get my P38 in and have it done.

  2. Many thanks to all for your assistance with this problem,have spoken to my local garage,they can fit it for me,however they have never fitted 1 before,has anyone got the schematics for the electrical connections to the Engine Coolant Sensor,the connections on the Timer Relay are 30 I 31 I 87a-- 15 I 87 --

    30 I at the top,to the left 31 I, centre 87a -- 15 I to the Right, below 87a is 87 --


    hopefully this will be of use,if not I will try and upload a picture of timer relay

  3. Many thanks for info once again,have not tried syncing remotes as yet,have only had rr for a few months so trying to sort out all previous owners little niggles that he didn't tell me about,good news is though he still had the original dealer card with the EKA and Radio codes on it.Will try when I have a spare few minutes.

  4. Firstly many thanks for members assistance so far with my restart problem.

    While I'm on here I have an issue with the remote key fobs,have put new batteries in both,but they still won't work,can unlock car and start and drive car ok on the key only,bit frustrated at not being able to use remotes but not a major issue at the moment,any help would be much appreciated,can they be refurbished/rebuilt.

  5. Hi Blanco many thanks,on restart the heater plug light does not come back on,only the engine management light as normal,this goes out after about 10 seconds,do you know if your idea(count 7 seconds after heater plug light goes out),will still work by counting after Engine management light goes out.

  6. Hi there out there

    Hopefully someone can help with my P38 Hot restart problem.I have a 2000 P38 Auto fitted with the BMW 2.5 Diesel engine,on cold start the Glowplugs work and the Engine starts fine,however,if I switch the engine off and try to restart I have to "pump" the accelerator several times before it will start,glowplug lights do not re-illuminate when engine hot.

    In addition to the above I also have an intermittent ABS/TC light fault,these lights come on after between 20 and 30 miles,braking is not affected.

    Many thanks for any assistance

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