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  1. I've done some web research myself, to see if I could establish the different options. It appears that for a 110 you can have an empty space that allows a walk through into the second row area, (probably what he has); A centre seat, A centre console with or without a Refrigerator. The picture is culled from a publicity video. The empty 'walk through' space doesn't video very well, all that is shown is the upper halves of the backrests with a space between them Following my comments the guy has revealed it's a 110, bu.t he doesn't say what facilities he wants instead of
  2. Someone I don't know, but whose location is 'Northampton' has just posted today in the Forum of the Series 2 Club. Just had the New Defender delivered and I 'ucked' up !!! I failed to tick the 'middle console' box when ordering and now have a completely empty space in the middle !!! I have just spoken to Land Rover and they have no retrofit - i.e. it can only be fitted on the production line..... Crazy. So to get round the problem I'm looking to find a company to build a bespoke middle console. Any suggestions on who to approach ? Does anyone here feel enough sympathy to offer help
  3. I believe you are looking for something with a high degree of penetration. From what I've read in forums and on-line comparisons, WD40 doesn't score highly in that area, Plus Gas is better. But, why not go with the product Bad Obsession Motorsport used in the Escargot videos? They don't give it a sponsors mention, but if you review the right episode, mainly where they are taking stuff off the Ford chassis, they make verbal remarks praising its qualities on the rusty bolts, but frustratingly keep the spray bottle covered with their hands when in use. Have patience and the bottle i
  4. I'm afraid the first task is to learn about how pictures are handled by this forum software, because your post doesn't contain any 🙂 I'm struggling to imagine what the problem is. Perhaps it's a two stage process, download the picture file, then click another button to include the file in the post? Good Luck.
  5. It seems that Irwin are the current owners of the Record name. This link shows, on page 2, the range. As I read it, the number 6 vice has a jaw width of 6", but a jaw capacity of 8" / 203mm. Regards.
  6. Perhaps approach PICO Technology - they seem to relish tackling the more unusual problems, both as a showcase for their techology and to demonstrate the different approaches needed when you aren't constrained by vehicle specific tester. Pico Technology, Colmworth Business Park, St. Neots, Cambridgeshire PE19 8YP, United Kingdom Tel: 01480 396 395 PICO Tech Support That being said, Bank Holiday Monday won't be the best day to initiate contact. Regards.
  7. I see it as a tag line, not a sentance. Each word has equal importance so individual capitalisation is justified (My Independent Mind :-)) Regards.
  8. Thank you for picking this up. Looking back to the entries for The Poll It is probably just a typo, but 'ideas' had a captal I (Shared Ideas) I also see some Poll suggestions included the words 'The Technical Forum for Land Rovers', and I think it worthwhile to try and include those. To avoid a single line of text stretching across the page, I wonder if both 'word tags' could be built into a single Image than would sit nicely alongside the logo, thus The Technical Forum for Land Rovers Independent Minds - Shared Ideas Regards.
  9. Correction noted. I don't think it was on the front page, but I didn't bring it up before as the Admin people seemed to be busy. I mentioned it now as people are obviously re-focussed on the appearance. I see there was even a Poll. Regards.
  10. Probably going to get lost in the noise but ... I recall, perhaps from before the logo competition, a discussion about a descriptive tag line. I thought the winner was something along the lines of 'Shared ideas, independent minds'. Perhaps it wasn't a 'winner' just the one I thought most appropriate, reflecting a common interest in the technicalities while recognising that, whatever the problem, issue, or opportunity, different people were justified in making different choices. Was there even talk of logoed shirts, vehicle stickers, etc? Anyway, I'd like to see the tag li
  11. Surely you are measuring to the wrong place, 'the centre of the swivel arm'? The drag link should go from the steering box arm to the front hole (not the centre hole) of the passenger side swivel arm. I have no idea what length difference this makes, I am just reacting to the curious description. Regards.
  12. From a '72 parts listing showing diameters and part numbers. Regards
  13. Based on the evidence you have given, and what I see on Land Rover Workshop, that statement is not supported. Your parts diagram shows BH114161 and BH114167 to be alternatives at each end of the panhard rod. LRW shows that BH114161 has been superseded by BH114167. This is supported by other sites such as Britcar and LR Direct. Regards.
  14. In this case 'FT' means: Nm Ibf-ft Panhard rod to mounting arm nut 176 130 Panhard rod to anchor bracket nut 176 130 Your basic torque wrench tends to top out at 120 lbf-ft, and you can read into the change from 14mm to 16mm that these bolts have to withstand a lot of force when in service. There is a typo in the first po
  15. 1.3T? Do you mean 1.3Gb (Gigabytes)? I appreciate it isn't as long term as Dropbox, but if you sent it to your email address via WeTransfer you would get an email containing the download code (the file(s) would stay on the server). This code would be valid for 7 days. You could then pass the code via PM to those who asked for it; they would use the code to download the files onto their PC. WeTransfer will accept Folders, so if you have 6 files in the same Folder you just make the appropriate selections when uploading the Folder; you don't have to upload 6 filed separately. Re
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