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  1. David Sparkes

    Mini Tech - Clutches & in particular "Dual Diaphram" - A Guide

    Yes, fine, I understood that. It was the friction plate that has replaced the paddle style plate I was asking about. It's not important to me at this time, I am just curious. Regards.
  2. David Sparkes

    Mini Tech - Clutches & in particular "Dual Diaphram" - A Guide

    Good to read of a success. You say the paddle is good enough to be sold on, which begs the question, what friction plate did you use? Something nearer standard, or heavy duty standard, or something cooked up specially? Regards.
  3. David Sparkes

    M51 and M57 block swap? P38

    Do not overlook the fact that the 2.5 6 cylinder had two variations of inlet manifold, with different stud placings, so the heads must have changed as well. The early manifolds were aluminium, soaking up the high under-bonnet temperatures and pre-heating the incoming air. The later ones were black 'plastic' (carbon fibre?) which were less efficient at conducting heat. Thus it's possible that the later one will fit the 3.0 engine, whereas the early one won't. Regards.
  4. David Sparkes

    Someone might know !

    What you need is advice from someone with lots of experience working with differentials .... that is, LR Series differentials :-.) More seriously, I think there are people who have them hanging round their workshops, although it's possible I am confusing them with small firms that overhaul gearboxes. Names, got to think of names, in an area I've never needed to walk in. From the Series 2 Club forum, David Beaumont of Halifax gets recommendations for gearbox work, ( I note they give prices for Series Differential work). Also from the same Forum I see R Whitehouse & Son near Birmingham gets recommended, as does Hardy Engineering in Surrey. It's a sideways glance, rather than a direct answer, but it's the best I can offer! Regards.
  5. David Sparkes

    Best way to run a BMW M51?

    Jeremy Fearn used to run competition vehicles with BMW diesel engines, to the extent that he had his own rolling road installed. Clearly he was was able to circumvent the security of the engine management system. I had heard Jeremy J Fearn was no longer in business, but his website is still up. Perhaps a phone call is a worthwhile investment. I will emphasis phone call rather than email. Ahh, a brief look at the records in Companies House show that while Jeremy is still listed as a Director, and accounts have been deposited (next due end September 2018), a Julie Fearn resigned as secretary in Feb 2016. Assuming Julie was his wife, perhaps a marriage breakdown was the cause of any business hiccup there might have been. Regards.
  6. David Sparkes

    Land rover key blanks

    I don't know specifically, but Honest John has repeatedly recommended Timpsons, the shoe repair chain. Last week a reader wrote in with positive feedback, which included the following rider: " ... It is worth noting that you need to locate a Timpsons that specialises in remote car keys. Not all do and those that do, often seem to be High Street branches, not those at Tesco. " Last item on this page. Regards.
  7. David Sparkes

    Screw plastic inserts part numbers

    As I just happened, most unusually, to have my Defender manuals 'open' ... Using a Parts Catalogue for 110 1987 MY. I see part number 79051 Other retailers are available. The number is confirmed in the catalogue Defender (90 & 110) up to & incl 1998 - 2001. Regards.
  8. David Sparkes

    Series LR prob 3 - LSD Info

    You could try asking LR Optional Equipment directly. He seems mainly to be interested in 'external' equipment, but might have come across the detail you require. On eBay On Facebook Regards.
  9. David Sparkes

    Running hot

    My first (and only) thought on this is 'Earth', by which I mean a difference in earth potential at the sender (cylinder head) and the earth potential at the gauge. There may be other effective ways of testing the status of this condition, but I'd start by connecting a digital voltmeter between the 'casing' of the sender and the earth connection (casing?) of the gauge. I will stress making these connections as close as electrically possible to the components. For instance, clipping the meter to the earth wire that is clamped to the instrument panel is too far away. Similarly, clipping the meter to the exposed thread on a cylinder head stud is too far from the sender. I'd use a 2.5 or 1.0 volt scale. The advantage of using a digital meter is because you do not know, under fault conditions, which is the earthy end of the circuit, but the negative symbol on the meter screen will tell you, whereas getting an analogue meter reversed will just give you a slight backward flick of the needle. What reading would I expect? What reading is acceptable? I do not know 🙂 Irritating isn't it? Seriously, if it was mine I'd have to make a judgement, and decide whether to chase better connections (to reduce the potential difference), or think of something else. Regards.
  10. David Sparkes

    Steve Parker P38a Steering kit

    I suspect that attaching the drag link to the tie rod is to do with reducing the wheel turns from 4 to 3. If the drag link extended all the way to the steering arm, as standard, the point of attachment is further from the swivel pin centre line. This means the end of the drag link has to travel further (side to side) in order to achieve the neccesary swivel of the hub to give full lock. To say the same thing in a different way; Attaching the drag link to the tie bar effectively puts the drag link attachment to the steering arm at the same place as the tie bar, closer to the swivel pin axis. For any given steering lock this shorter distance reduces the sideways movement of the drag link, the angular movement of the steering relay drop arm, and therefore the turns of the steering wheel. Regards.
  11. David Sparkes

    Help with Series 3 stop cable

    The fixing point is outside your photos. The large coil return spring partially visible in your first picture hooks at the upper end to a bracket fastened to two studs at the top of the distributor pump. This bracket has a bent downwards protruding tab, with a hole in the tab. Your clip bolts to that hole, and clamps the cable outer part way along it's length. The best overall picture is in the Workshop manual, Diesel Fuel System, FUEL DISTRIBUTOR/INJECTION PUMP, Remove and refit 19.30.07. Regards
  12. David Sparkes

    Here we go again... pre-MoT work

    When using any device with a forcing screw I HIGHLY recommend the complete thread is well lubricated with EP90 (a product I expect every LR maintenance person to have to hand). Regards
  13. David Sparkes

    New product from xcess4x4

    Slight angular variations aside, the biggest difference between Land Rover stiffeners for Series axles, and the fitted example of the new product, is that the new product has been fitted above the axle, and the underside left with nothing, whereas LR put Series axle stiffening on the underside of the axle casing. In the pictures of the fitted product in this thread I have taken the position of the axle breather to indicate the top of the axle casing. Judging by the alignment of the name on the new product, the positioning on top of axle casing is what is intended. Regards.
  14. David Sparkes

    Outside Temperature Sensor - P38 DSE?

    My recollection about the HEVAC was that it rechecked its status every time it was switched on, so if all the faults were cleared, a simple switch off and switch on banished the book and exclamation symbol. The trick bit is finding what exactly is still faulty!!.
  15. David Sparkes

    Outside Temperature Sensor - P38 DSE?

    I'm not sure where the RAVE confusion is arising, RAVE clearly defines the position of the ambient air temperature when manufactured. 20 years later it's always possible that a PO has moved the sensor from the earlier position to the later position, however, the dividing point at manufacture is set out in the air conditioning section of the Workshop Manual, where it states quite clearly: 'Ambient air temperature sensor. The ambient temperature sensor provides the ATC ECU with an input of external air temperature. Up to VIN 381430, the sensor is installed in the LH air inlet housing. From VIN 381431, the sensor is installed in a bracket attached to the LH chassis rail, behind the front bumper and immediately in front of the condenser.' What is your VIN? However, I recall that the twin fans are switched on via two alternative sources. One is the ATC ECU, the other is from the engine ECU. You are concerned about engine temperature, so I think you should be showing more interest in an engine temperature sensor. I recall there being two temperature sensors on the engine, one is for the gauge in the instrument panel, the other is involved in running the engine. To see the details for the latter you need to look in the ETM (Electrical Troubleshooting Manual) (Circuit, section A6-Diesel). Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor (X126) This sensor is a ‘thermistor’ (a temperature dependent resistor) where the voltage output varies in proportion to coolant temperature. The ECM (Z132) uses this information in many strategies, i.e. to correct the injected fuel quantity and timing (especially during cold starts), length of glow plug timing, etc. The sensor is located in the top of the engine block. In case of a failure, the warning lamp is not activated and the ECM (Z132) selects a substitute value of 50C for glow plug and ignition timing and uses the fuel temperature to correct the fuel quantity, glow plug timing will not be correct, possibly resulting in long crank times in cold weather. Correction. After re-reading the ETM sections involved, it seems that it is only the Petrol ECM that has the facility to switch on the condenser fans to aid engine cooling. My direct experience was 15+ years ago, so it's possible I have mis-remembered. Regards.

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