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  1. They look like relays, they might be perfectly OK, and it's the operate circuit that is broken. I think your best is to give people more detail of your 'German caravan' (name, model, etc), in the hope that someone else has details, and can help more directly. Does the 'device' containing the fuses, circuit board, etc, have words on the cover, box, or whatever? (Because the same unit might be used in other caravans, motorhomes, etc). Regards.
  2. Just look at the frequencies involved, both for domestic wireless items I've listed and the remote control keyfob. Then compare them with the frequencies used for WiFi. Wikipedia seems a resource with common standards, frequently peer reviewed. Regards.
  3. I don't have any way of finding interference sources, but recalling reported experiences from 2 decades ago, culprits could be defined as 'any' domestic wireless apperatus, EXCLUDING WiFi and Bluetooth. In the UK this leaves wireless doorbells, wireless baby alarms, wireless external weather stations (that reported to an internal base station), and remote garage door openers. Also indicted as 'electrically noisy' were wireless keyboards, used with PCs, and cash tills that reported overnight so stock could be reordered while the shop was closed. Railway stations on electrified lines were also
  4. After reading the report on the online Motor Sport site I watched the highlights via the web. While allowing that other races in different places might be more interesting, that event was very uninspiring. Given that it's a PR driven event, it became clear that the publicists had been drinking their own urine. Regards.
  5. London seems to me to be a big place, and I understand high prices for buildings / floor area means labour costs are high to customers. What I'm getting at is that if you can be more precise with your whereabouts people may be able to give recommendations closer to your location, even if the garages concerned are outside the M25. I don't suppose you want to be travelling to somewhere the other side of the city. Edit. I now see that you have posted in the Discovery forum that you are in Kilburn, but I still think that you should update your profile to say that, as that location will be
  6. Just for additional clarity, if anyone values it, clicking the link brought up a black rectangle with a 'broken file' icon in the centre and a 'closure' X in the top right corner. No I don't know why I couldn't see it either, but while I have access, and an ID, to Facebook I don't use it very much at all. In general I can see images other people insert in their Facebook posts, so I'm quite happy to regard this incident as a anomaly individual to my PC and software setup. Just for completeness I checked my Firefox installation, and found it up-to-date. While the 64 bit Win 10 did have some
  7. Thanks for the thought, but I'm now retired so the buck stops with me ๐Ÿ™‚ I had thought about the Mozilla Firefox PC browser blocking it, but they normally announce when they are 'helping' me from visiting an inapproprite link ๐Ÿ™‚ I wondered if there was some way to engineer access without asking the poster, but when I tried to examine the link in 'Page Info' it did not look viable. Omitting the leading HTTPS, the link destination reads '://scontent.fbrs4-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.6435-9/166970452_1821724807988645_9119371825507198847_n.jpg?_nc_cat=109&ccb=1-3&_nc_sid=8bfeb9&_nc_ohc
  8. The link you have chosen doesn't appear to be effective; no image is displayed. Regards.
  9. From comments posted by others on the S2C Forum, 'modern' canvas does not last as long as previous versions did, apparently the older canvas was treated with chemicals that the manufacturers cannot use now. I don't recall seeing a consensus on what a person should do, but it's probably true to say I don't have a canvas problem, because I don't have one fitted. Posts from 2020. Some may recall that I posted some time back about needing a new hood on my 88". Since owning my Series II, over the last 20 years I've put 2 new hoods on it, both from Exmoor Trim (ET). The first one, purc
  10. Faced with the same problems I was thinking of a pit under a lift, possibly a large pit so 'half' the height of the lift would be below floor level. I decided that getting a floor pad built to the required configuration would be too much struggle, and thought 'did I want to be walking down into the pit, and up again, every time I wanted to do something?'. If you include a safe stairway at the ends or sides a lot of floor space is lost, to say nothing of covering the stairway over, for safety, when it's not in use. I decided against that configuration. I'm now thinking of a convention
  11. I will say I generally enjoyed my ownership of a V12 XJS. As with most of my previous vehicles that I also enjoyed, I am not looking to go back. Regards.
  12. More than 'how much do I want' is how does it get from the UK to Zimbabwe? Within the UK we have access to courier firms where the buyer makes the arrangements and all the seller has to do is print off the address label, sent as an electronic file, then stick the label onto a reasonably packed parcel, and meet the collection appointment made by the courier. That's what I'd like to happen; I don't know what you can work out from Zimbabwe. Off the top of my head I can only think of Hermes, but Parcel2Go might offer a service, as might DHL. Others on this forum might suggest oth
  13. Ahh, there is something apparent 'now' that I didn't realise last October. 1, I had taken pictures in Jan 1999 of the stripped radiator (1995 diesel with manual gearbox), but had forgotten about them. 2, I have taken fresh pictures now, Feb 2021, but had apparently stripped out the oil cooler, visible in the earlier pictures. I cannot immediately think where I have stored that. 3, I have successfully removed the seal, which it turns out to be of 4mm circular section, each long side is 585mm, each short side is 80mm. As this is probably work-hardened I suggest the best bet is t
  14. On behalf of a LR inspired colleague in the US of A, who is the maintainer (and probably inspiration of) LRs belonging to family members. He writes: My daughter's 2008 Sport has the dreaded leaking sunroof drains that are gradually shorting out her fuse block. The generally accepted cure apparently involves cutting out the damaged wiring and splicing in short lengths of replacement wire, but he would prefer to remove and replace the wiring terminals in the fusebox itself. But, he recognises that he ought to expand his tool kit with suitable tools to remove and insert terminals in the
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