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  1. will do, they,re only 30 mile from me, I just depends who picks up the phone with them
  2. Thanks Western, I,ve got all the hotspots and shrouds sorted out its just these bloody valve stem heights, to me it just doesn't look right, I mean your not talking feeler gauge measurements here, and like you say no mention in the books about it, maybe they are right, I,ll ring land rover Monday. Thanks for getting back fella
  3. ive bought a brand new britpart STC 803 cylinder head for my 19j, the one where you have to fit all the bits yourself, hotspots, injector shrouds, valves etc, which may I add are all spanking new. Just finished putting all the valves in and all the valve stem heights are different, every last one of them, I have a Haynes manual and another land rover book and neither of them say anything about the heights on the stems for my engine, it does say about the V8 heights need to be checked but nothing about the J engines. I have asked the supplier of the head if I needed to do anything with the valve seats other than lap them in and they assured me that didn't have to do anything other than the grind. Can anybody help me here please
  4. sorry I havnt got back sooner was working today, I see what you mean with the beer tin, i,ve just tried to remove the one from the N/A engine and it wont budge but the flywheel housing is still attached, is it possible to do it engine in? I know you said it was difficult upside down, but other than the two bolts holding it is there anything else there to stop it dropping out one other thing fella I have two sets of these T-seals here, one set is quite a strong rubber and the other set is cork, which would be the better, I cant imagine this rubber set is going to tear or rip in anyway, but the manual I have suggests to soak the cork in oil before fitting but to be quite honest the manual in general has been pretty vague right from the off thanks again, once this is all done ill come down to Yeovil and get you hammered, all the best
  5. Thanks fella, Western too, I looked at your link Western, very helpful, thanks Monkie, you've been a star fella, im a pretty patient lad and to be quite honest ill stand on my head to get it done if I don't have to take the engine out, winter is nearly on us and all of this has been done under a gazebo this summer in a field, I don't want to out there this winter freezing my tits off with engines out and what have you! im not sure where the beer tin comes into it but im sure now that you have brought it up, it will become apparent, we have an abundance of receptacles kicking about here Once again fella, many thanks
  6. thanks again for getting back so quickly, theres no oil on the exhaust side off things, so can I take that the T-seals maybe at fault, I have had a look at the old N/A that came out and I can see its the same as your picture, can these seals be replaced without taking the engine out, by the look of it they can, judging by the N/A, but not knowing 100% some advice here (if you don't mind) would be handy Once again fella, thanks for your help
  7. Hello fella, thanks for getting back so quick, are you the guy who told me about the breather bit? no piccy unfortunately, not really that techy minded although if it remedies my problem I,ll get my daughter on it, I certainly havn,t over filled it with oil, at this moment in time its probably a little low, and no oil out of the plug hole. its literally along the line of the sump where it virtually touches the flywheel housing in the middle and to the left if your sat in the seat, basically between the main bearing cap, maybe a teaspoon a day or a touch more, nothing is running down the engine from anywhere else, I,d be able to see as its been jet washed and clean and at the same 3 points every time, very fine lines of oil, and I know this is going to sound a little strange but blacker than whats showing on the dipstick.
  8. I,m probably in complete denial here,praying that I havn,t got to take this sodding engine out again, ive recently put a 19j into my 110, its all running well, short of this leak between the block and the flywheel housing, the obvious thing to me says its the crankshaft seals gone but for one thing, I have been waiting for temperature sender to come and for 4 to 5 nights been climbing underneath wiping the leaked oil away from the flywheel housing. thing I,d like to know here is does the bottom of the crankshaft oil seals stay submerged in the oil level allowing it to leak, I have changed the sump gasket due to putting a new sump on it to allow a better breather system that one fella on this forum advised which seems to have worked but it wouldn't be the first time ive put a new sump gasket on and its still leaked, surely if the seals are not submerged, after 5 days of not running it wouldn't be a crankshaft seal leak, would it!!! Please help before I go outside and set it alight
  9. did it show signs of any problems or just do its thing, any temperature gauge clues or what
  10. Hello fella, had a look at your link, quite impressive to say the least Thanks for the info and has definitely and finally made sense, ill tell you what it was, I have or had a two spigot filler cap on the 19j im trying to fit and you are telling me to leave the rocker cover breather in situ, I suppose im quite lucky as I do have a couple of 19js engines kicking around(not that I paid any attention to them) and the MOD 12j, you know when you suddenly get that lightbulb feeling, as simple as this, took the rocker cover off with the spigot back and left of the of the cover, and an old pipe that was with one of the other engines and the lightbulb came on, so I followed your plan with the MOD 12j sump and breather equipment and it all seems to look like I know what im talking about, so thanks, I haven't fired her up yet, still waiting on my turbo getting back which should be by the end of next week, so if you don't mind and your interested ill let you know how it all goes, the other thing is am introducing a catch can which im sure your going to say is not needed but belt and braces fella. The only thing and concern to me is after looking at your link about your rebuild and with all that effort and obvious expense you still found it necessary to still modify the breather system, my old na never had any breathing problems, just a swirl chamber doing its thing flat out at 45mph, a compression test says that the "new 19j" is sound although the fact it has been sat around doing bugger all for 6 months lends to change the head gasket and check the pistons(done almost everything else) once shes up and running, but have these 19js got a big problem with the breathers? Someone has also said the run really hot, is that the case as well? ill leave you alone after this, promise!!! all the best
  11. thanks for the advice, I can honestly say I must have read every forum and blog available on google and have every intention of pulling the head off, unfortunately everybody has a different opinion on what engine does what and why. what did you do with the breather coming from the back off the block, where did you fit that, what you say makes sense but that back breather is still leaves me a bit bereft, you cant blank it off, it has got to go somewhere, thanks again and all the best
  12. fella, ive got a blown up ex MOD 2.5 na and instead of going down the same line of another na, I got an old 89 19j, just for that little bit more power, thing is ive sent the turbo off for a refurb and the fella has come back and said that its been breathing quite heavy and gave me advice on what I should do before taking the head off, so googling it ive come up with your post, So what you are saying is to take all the breather bits and bobs off the old na and put them on the 19j as it was on the old na engine, and if that is the case what did you do with the breather pipe that comes from the back of the engine? Sorry if ive misunderstood but could do with some help here, a lot of the landy forums have frightened me ****less about breathing problems on 19js and don't want to see in destroy itself inside 500 miles
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