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  1. Rikkk

    Raise V8 CR

    Hhmmmm, mite be able to come across a Leyland P76 4.4L Rover engine Anybody got any knowledge about these? Cheers /Rik.
  2. Rikkk

    Raise V8 CR

    Hi again, hope you guys having a nice weekend Wonder why non of you have mentioned Holly carb? Like this kit http://www.thewedgeshopstore.com/tws-four-barrel-conversion-kit-rover-v8/ I also know there are several new "carburettor looking" EFI systems on the market, now I cant find one for Rover engines, but they look like this https://fitechefi.com/products/30021/ Then there are these guys as well https://www.classicfuelinjection.co.uk/shop/product_info.php?cPath=114_134&products_id=411&osCsid=9cvfc5h75pucsteksnbe5slt14 But to think my slug of an engine will produce 220 ponies is nothing but ridiculous... Bowie69, I am not too sure about easy install, one mechanic I spoke to wanted about $3000 to install it... and I have heard its pretty hard from "home mechanics" too, dont I have to tap into the coolant system for the intake as well? Then things gets bit over my head And horse power sells engines, torque wins races is a saying my team used when I was still racing over in Europe, but I guess 20hp will gain torque as well Fridgefreezer, that sounds pretty amazing, mine is rather the opposite, like 14 gallons per mile... Quagmire, that sounds more like you driving a Prius to me... garrycol, yeah thats what I got in a box, I think thats what I will do in combination with a high torque cam V8 Freak, but those kits are expensive and then shipping and import tax its more then to drop a 3.9 in... So yeah, when I or rather if I find a mechanic willing to do both conversions for a decent price enough , a new cam and EFI with the 14CUX ecu and hope I get it up enough to climb hills in a normal fashion, been thinking about losing some weight too, but point being to be a real overlander, truck is always ready to go with food, fresh water, full pullout outdoor kitchen, double bed, 270 degree foxwing awning, outdoor furniture, TV, fridge and freezer, outdoor LED camping strip lights, 225 amp hour batteries, fully mounted roof solar panels, so if I feel like going camping on way home from work, I just go, wont need to go home and pack or anything, just need some beers Cheers guys, will keep you posted on upgrades /Rik.
  3. Rikkk

    Raise V8 CR

    Hi all, thank you so much for your replies and yes... all of you are right I should have put a 3.9 in when I had the chance :( Thing is, I got this newly rebuilt 3.5 engine for 600 NZD and mechanic cost for the work was $2000; that I thought was a 9:35 CR but after looking into it I realised my misstake, but by then it was already in my bay, so I am stuck with it, I cant justify another 2 grand to pop a 3.9 in even if I find a good one for a good price and wify would shoot me.... a lot... Also I forgot to tell, I have a 3 inch system on with the double barrelled cast metal extractors from a 3.9, so it sounds totally mental, if it went half as good it sounds I would be very happy puppy Any no, the increase of exhaust size did not lower the power, rather otherway around actually to contradict what lots of people say, maybe in combination of the MSD box? Dunno? Ok Hybrid from Hell, I learnt from you today that the change in compression is in the cylinders, did not know that, and there is no Pulsair system (what does that do anyway?) I believe that the guy who did the rebuild was a full purist and put new identical components in Wont skim the heads Bowie96, way to costly And Eightpot, engine is only year old since rebuild Yeah Fridgefreezer, that is most likely my only option; EFI and gruntier cam Tanuki, it revs fine and changing the timing dont seem to do much difference 110 V8 I am in Auckland But Fridgefreezer, I have stopped to believe in the saying: there is no replacement for displacement, because it is and its called engineering :) I got the Strömberg carbs on, but I also have a EFI from a 3.9 (not the flapper system) in a box with good injectors So what difference do you gurus think I should expect by popping in a high torque cam and the EFI (not going mega squirt as I am trying to -save- petrol...) I am quite capable but think I might struggle to fit the EFI... I could do the cam myself but as that should be done at the same time as the EFI I need a mechanic to help me out, I do it all myself usually but thinking about going to Israel at Central Motoring on Pollen st in Grey Lynn as I use to live in that area and have spoken to him several times and he seems like a good bloke and also do all the work for the Trekker Adventures Landrovers (rented one for a mate over Xmas that I had to repair in Warkworth :D Again, thank you soooo much for your replies, its been very good learning for me, all replies are worth a lot to me One other thing I can tell you is what I did with my former engine (same 8:13 CR) was a Pertronix Ignitor3 kit and that ignition made the V8 rev like a rotary engine, truck just took of like a madman from 70 in 3 gear and I could pull it up to almost 90 before chuckin in 4th and my last gear, it was craaaaazy, but in the end I think thats whats killed it and it bent a tapper and suddenly I had oil coming out of my dipstick due to pressure escaping into the sump... but it was fun as long it lasted :D But this is why I changed engine in the first place :) Cheers guys
  4. Rikkk

    Raise V8 CR

    Hi, I got a stage 1 3.5L V8 in my County, its the weak army motor with 8:13:1 CR It has terrible bad power due to all de-tuning the army did and truck is a overland camper and weighs in on 2500kg So at the moment I am doing 60 up some hills... :( I have removed the air-intake suppressors and put a MSD double ignition in with higher power cables and plugs On the flat its fine being able to cruise on 120 with just the LT95 four speed gearbox, but as soon its uphill I am screwed with Maxies 35" rubbers So I am trying to give it a bit more torque Does anybody know if the torque is lowered in these engines to 8:13:1 from the 9:35:1 the original 3.5 V8 had by the heads? Can it be restored to this by changing the heads to heads from a 9:35:1 engine? Any help appreciated Cheers /Rik.
  5. Is there a wy of telling what engine a set of heads came from? I am trying to raise CR in a stage 1 engine...
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