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  1. Yeah, I mean, yes. I am planning on doing them all. I ordered some because they are not that easy to find. So first I need to see them. Then I will order a bunch of them.
  2. So, dear boys and girls. Like I said, I took some photo's to go along with the progress. Since you all were singing the same song like a quire of angels, I decided to go along with the angels and start with a flush. Well, I didn't get far. Opened the tank cap, the reservoir capuchon, and grabbed a spanner called #11. Connected the hose that flows into the bottle and undid the bleeding-nipple. Pushed the brakes and nothing happened. Let's not exaggerate. I counted three drops of braking fluid coming out of the zi nipple. Mm... I undid the brake caliper and used the brakes again. Mmm... OK, the maybe there is something stuck inside the caliper. Undid the High Pressure black flexible hose that runs into zi caliper. Pushed the brakes. Mmmm... well, well. It seems we have a HP hose that is somehow blocked, bodged, stuffed... I took an steel stiff wire and started poking in the hole of the hose. Stuffed like my grandmother's turkey. So, dear angels... I can here your brains rattling from where I am at. And no it is not. I flushed after noticing this stuffed turkey, half a bottle of brake fluid through the lot. No, dirt, no bubbles, no what ever. So my best guess is that the inside of the hose has somehow disintegrated into dust particles. And simply got stuffed. I will order a new hose and then let my angels know what´s what. For now, thank you very much for all the advise. Before I forget! The strong muscular gloved hand in the photo with the HP tube is mine. So don´t get all over excited. The rest of my is not that interesting at all. tattaa...
  3. Alright. Since we all say, just about, the same thing, I will go and check the hoses and pipes. Thanks so far. I'll make some photo's too. Always nice. Foreign girls are always that more interesting! Max-Out.😄
  4. Well hello, brothers and sisters. I hope you are all having a gentle day in wherever part of the world you are. I have a problem. Well, not me, but Chula (1991, Land Rover Santana 110) does have a problem. Her left hand side disk brake caliper stays jammed, locked on, braking. Whilst the right hand side caliper is not showing the same symptoms. But, and here it comes, when ever I bleed (turning loose the bleeding nipple on top of the caliper. Oil comes out, turn it closed again.) the jammed caliper, she releases the brake pads and the wheel is free to turn again. So I thought, '...well, Max. You did it again and fixed it. Good on you. Go grab a beer!' So the little guy on my right shoulders says, 'Are you crazy! It's ten in the morning, you halfwit!. So, I grabbed a beer and sat in the car to drink it. What?!? It's freezing cold outside. But first I had to do a test. I pushed on the brakes and stepped back outside. All confident and still very proud of myself. But guess what? Stuck again. 'What the...?' Solid as a house. Not budging. The other wheel. Free as ever before. So I bleed the caliper again and the brakes loosed up again. Stepped back into the car. Had a look at my 'getting colder' beer and pushed the brakes again. Damned, stuck again. Again bleeding, the whole circus got back to normal. Brake, not normal. Bleed, normal, brake, not normal, bleed, normal... I think you get the picture, right. How is this possible...? Please advise.
  5. Yeah, David, exactly my point, when it comes to being able to see whats happening inside the engine. An oil cooler might just be an luxury item. Thanks.
  6. Hi Koen110, nice to meet you. Well, as soon as I can I will find out what kind of ratio Chula has been fitted with. But for the time being, I will drive her like she is for a while. See whats giving. I think I need to relax a little and take the time to actually go somewhere. Like on a vacation vibe. My eldest (11) son said to me, whilst we were sitting in the truck (Chula), '..papa, this care she gives me a vibe. We are not even moving and I have the feeling as if we are going on a road trip! It will be awesome.' Me and my two boys, on every Friday evening, we go and sit in the truck. Whilst I start the engine and let her run for a while whilst sipping a beer. Billy up front with me, looking at my beer. And the little fellow (10) is climbing front to back looking for the perfect seat. (still haven't found one.) That's how dreams are made. I'm pretty sure that when I am long gone they will look at Chula's and remember the days with dad in his stationary truck. Stuck in the garage waiting for the government to unplug their thumbs out of their ***holes and actually give me the clearance to go on a adventure with my boys. Yeah, they sure as sour-milk do not care.
  7. Hello everybody. Max is my name and Chula is my game. And for those who don't know who Chula is. Chula is a 1991 LR 110 2.5 N/A. Santana. And yes, her Spanish temperament came with the full package straight out of Spain. Momentarily I am still waiting on the governments approval to let her free. In the mean time I have this question. When it comes to where to put the oil temperature sensor-sender for the gearbox, I know I will have to plug it into the enlarged Transfer Case Sump. There is a designated hole on the side of this Sandwich-Box-like shaped aluminium cover. (Whenever you go to a gas station, (here in Belgium) and have a look at the prefabricated sandwiches. You will notice that they are sealed in those triangle like shaped boxes.) This Sandwich-Box adds another extra 0.5 lt. of oil to the gearbox. In time I will plug a sensor-sender in that hole. But now comes the actual question. For the engine oil temperature! Where do I plug that sensor-sender in? I do have an oil pressure gauge. But not an oil temperature gauge. And I want one! And If I may still add some information to it? In time I will install an oil cooler unit with one of those small radiator like cool units. These units look like a space ship out of a Starwars movie. So. where do I plug that sensor-sender in? Do I need to go drilling a hole in the belly pan?
  8. All is fine with her. Been away for a while. Thanks for asking. How are you doing these days? I need some welding to be done on my chassi. I have this crack on the front chassi. And need this to be fixed before I'll go for the MOT. But still waiting on some paperwork.
  9. When, sitting in Chula, and turning my ignition key, into the 'ON' position, I am used in other diesel cars, to see a warning light coming on. And it always tell's me when I can crank the starter motor en run the engine by turning off. When the Heating Plugs have done their tasks the light shut off. I don't have that luxury. I checked all the bulbs inside the panel, they all work. But still no light. So, what am I to do? Count to ten and then start the engine? Chula is a 1991 Land Rover 110 Santana.
  10. These are my actual rims. I tried to look up what those numbers are suggesting... But it didn't make me any wiser at all.
  11. Aha, now I see. Good point. And Mo Murphy's and Fridge Freezer's point are a good one too. OK, forget what I asked. I am just trying to get the feel for things. I was only looking for a way to get more ground clearance without changing to much to Chula's features. Thanks, to all of you.
  12. Well, here it is, Western. The Green little nob is just behind the rod of the (normal) gear shift. Enjoy it.
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