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  1. These are my actual rims. I tried to look up what those numbers are suggesting... But it didn't make me any wiser at all.
  2. Aha, now I see. Good point. And Mo Murphy's and Fridge Freezer's point are a good one too. OK, forget what I asked. I am just trying to get the feel for things. I was only looking for a way to get more ground clearance without changing to much to Chula's features. Thanks, to all of you.
  3. Well, here it is, Western. The Green little nob is just behind the rod of the (normal) gear shift. Enjoy it.
  4. Aha, OK. I get the picture. So, what about moving the Leaf Springs from under the axle to the top of the axle, then? (for more ground clearance.)
  5. maxamillion


    Hello everyone. Is there anyone driving 235 85 R19, on a 110 LRD? So, if yes. Then, what brand of rim are you driving?
  6. To be honest, I have no idea. Regulations in Belgium are not always straight clear lines in a book. Let me give you an example of what we have to deal with over here. You are most certainly allowed to bolt a Turbo to you engine. But you are only allowed to use it whilst driving backwards. ...Policeman on the highway. Cop. '..and what the hell do you think you are doing, driving backwards on the highway, sir?'. Me. 'Well, I installed a turbo to my engine yesterday. And by regulation I am obl...' Cop. 'O, I see! Well, of you go, sir. Cary on then!' A Turbo... sounds nice. But I will probably not like the sound of the bill for the makeover. Is there already topic about this kind of transformation to a 2.5DL Natural Aspiration?
  7. Hey, Thanks. Much appreciated. Bu let me ask you this first. Is it complicated. The work that need to be done?
  8. You, know... I kinda agree with you. In a way it's actually kind of relaxing with less HP. 'Take your time and you'll get there eventually.' is the new me. it's the journey, not the...
  9. Well, well. Her you go. I will surely come and have a look as soon as Chula is legally street worthy. Yeah, I know this country is the anus of hell when it comes to changing anything out of the ordinary. And some other things. I just got back from South Africa where there are like 'No Rules' at all regarding car regulations. Any I'll see you soon, Filip.
  10. I will, Western, as soon as I have a chance.
  11. Alright. Me and Chula had their first ride together today. It was 11:46 when I finally turned the key and hit the throttle for the first time. It went right up my spine and got lost somewhere between my ears in this grayish pudding. But I suddenly realized how bright the world actually was. How all these different outside colors made me smile. How her vibrations made me think back to the days when I was 27 years old. Just by turning the key and hearing and surely feeling her rumble made me growl. Lucky me the windows were up. And nobody was able to hear me. Once driving her out of the garage on to the road, I had my first encounter with reality. It didn't take away my smile, or the butterflies, but it made me wonder. I'll come back to that later (as a question). The second surprise made itself visible and feelable (I don't know if that is a word at all. It's like being able to feel. Feelable, noticeable) when I approached this Porsche Cayenne standing still at a stoplight. Hitting the brakes and then somehow wondering if Chula would come to a stop, hopefully this week. And that is question number two. So let's start with the first one. Chula is a 2500 DL, (2495 cc, for those who think I exaggerated a bit to much.), but she has only something like 50 HP. (????!!!????) Man, let me tell you. This has to change. Not much. But just so that when I hit her throttle she moves in a more faster way forward. Look, I'm fifty eight years old. She's only 28. When I tickle her, she should be able to make my head spin for a week. I don't want to have the impression of sitting on a couch watching a boring movie. I want to feel like Hugh Hefner in his heydays whenever I kick Chula's throttle. And don't tell me to buy another car because this will not happen! I just want a little more "Umpff". German say for, '..zi wippid cream on zi cake ven I hit zi trottelino!) Or was it schtrumpf? No, that means sock. So, what do I do with her? How do I get some more HP? The second question is easy asked. Can't I put disc-brakes in the back without having to change the hole axle? And again, no, I will not buy another car. Well, I wish you all a fine evening. And thanks for reading. Max out..
  12. Well, what can I say? I would like to start by saying thank you for all the advise and suggestions written in my first request. Today I had my first ride with Chula. I must say, the first thing I did was shove the green nob to the right, into two wheel drive. All went well when I took off. The M.O.T. story is a different story which I will post in a new subject. Because I now have two burning questions. But first some pictures of Chula. Mind you. Once all is fixed with the import and regulations in this country I will paint her NATO Stone Light. Never mind that is a different topic. Again, thank you for the advise, guys (and girls, if there are any.) And now for ESCAPE some photos.
  13. Oh, Boy... My head is still spinning like crazy from all the comments. Then I finally started to understand the complexity of the matter when explained. Then someone else flicks the whole thing back around. Ha ha ha... OK, what I will do is this. I will passionately wait for my new battery. 'Cause I can't start Chula with this battery. Then I will take her for a spin and see what is what. I will surely let you guys and girls know what this green nob is all about. But there is one thing neither of you written about. Let us pretend I was driving in low range (C, thanks to Red110.). This track I was driving on ends on a tarmac. Meaning that once on the tarmac I have no more use for a 4wd vehicle. I need a 2wd vehicle. So, what do I do? Do I go from C (Low) to PM (Neutral) and the to L (High) 4wd en then to L 2wd? Or do I simply go from C to PM, the shove the leaver to the right and then down to L 2wd. Because then I don't need to travel through L 4wd anymore since I am on tarmac? Thanks so far for all the thinking. helping me out with this stuff. I truly hope they didn't brake anything when the drove the car over to my place because when I got her (Chula) the green nog was in L4, High Gear 4. Ill keep in touch.
  14. So, remember, I have a left-hand-side Santana (Euro Style) steering. This photo has been taken looking down out of my seat over my right knee. And now because of your last advise I started wondering in what gear I am now. I would say, High 4. Meaning, if I understood what you just told me, Snagger, is that for driving on tarmac it should be in High 2. The nob should then be pushed to the right, where it says 2?
  15. hold on...just one moment, please. Does this mean that I have no diff.-lock?
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