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  1. Thanks appa Smurf, I have restricted access to web at minute as offshore in Taiwan (YouTube not allowed through rig server) but I'll be sure to have a look at Mikes resto once back home (3rd Oct)..
  2. Many thanks Western, I'v been trawling through these in awe of some of the fabrication work & mechanical aptitude of members projects, all good stuff, & I have no doubt forum will be full of useful information that I can use for reference that I can reap the benefit from & if I cant find what I'm looking for I'll ask 🙂 Currently abroad with work, but I will be sure to post pictures of my 'basket case' once I have collected & moved to my home, think I may need to buy a large mug for tea, just so I can stare at it all, contemplate where to start whilst scratching my head and thinking WTF ! Thanks Steve.
  3. Hi Guys, totally new to the LR game (apart from I used to own old Freelander I used for my shooting served me very well indeed) so reason I have joined forum is , I've always loved and admired the old 90 Defender and out of the blue through a friend of a friend (my friend is mechanically gifted currently runs a 110 and a 90) whereas I know where the diesel and oil go and not a lot more besides really (well a wee bit) but you get the jist. My younger brother is also somewhat of a mechanical genius/top welder can fabricate has his own car service station etc. So I have the chance to pick up a started LR90 project which is pre Defender, started in as much as it's at rolling chassis stage (200tdi), loads of brand new bits in boxes - doors, 2" lift etc and loads more besides, also all OE stuff is there, converted already to Disco axles and discs all round, chassis has been stripped back to bear so that's in good nick, (led to believe chassis is ex military) bulkhead in need of a little TLC (brother) , needs new /or rebuild on transfer box, new power steering hoses, seats, new loom, headlights, soundproofing, apertures cut larger to accommodate side windows etc, alloys blasted/painted or new, everything it would appear to be there to complete said project - tub, bonnet, roof, new doors all round. So I suppose my real question is are there any threads/posts on here detailing step by step builds from start to completion on a 90 that someone could point me toward, and is this in reality something that is achievable given my own limited mechanical ability, albeit I have resources available to me should I require, as I'm aware there will be a right/wrong way and order of doing things which will have been tried and tested by your good selves on here. Also is this feasible to be completed in part/most in someone's slightly larger than normal household garage or am I kidding myself on, and will I need to scroungers, beg borrow larger space from friends, obviously bodywork will go off to professionals for paint as and when at that stage. I am 100% intending to make this vehicle a keeper, so ideally looking for works finished to be of a decent high standard and not end up with something that looks like it has been out together at the bottom of my garden Any thoughts, comments and ridicule I thank you in advance for, I live if Fife, mate lives in Ardrossan and brother has car garage in Ayrshire. Steve.
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