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  1. Do LR have a diagnostic system of their own a bit like the Mercedes STAR system or do they just read fault codes? I am concerned they will come up with some cockeyed reason to do a major piece of work which is not justified - like when they told me to change ALL the bushings on a car after 20K kms when in fact it was a couple of faulty shockers..which the supplier changed for free
  2. So if it is OAT it is OK and there is nothing magic about the unobtainable Castrol SF?
  3. If I had a penny for every word written about antifreeze.. How come many companies ell antifreeze they guarantee is both compatible with all others and suitable for all cars? LR recommends an impossible to find product so why can't I use the universal stuff I find in the supermarket? LR4 diesel btw
  4. I am not sure it has one but the braking logic is of mind-blowing complexity. In the old days you pressed the pedal and the brakes actuated. Not any more.. I have the workshop manual but it is not that helpful and the IIDtool indicates no errors. If all else fails I will go to LR but would prefer not too since they are pretty incompetent here. I will try bleeding first and go from there
  5. This is a well worn topic for most cars and I would usually just bleed the brakes and go from there but there is something here I don't understand. The car is an LR4 diesel 2011 The brakes are usually pretty sharp (only 35K miles) but sometimes when maneuvering, the pedal will be soft and pumping does not help. Take the foot off and try a couple of times and it is OK. On the road so far there has been no sign of anything amiss but at very slow speeds I can stop sharp and then the next press is soft - halfway down and little braking. Is there anything special about these brakes? The master cylinder is OK and I have already changed pads. What else??
  6. Thanks for your replies. The workshop manual is bit of a long haul and talks bout changing injectors and also says you must also change the feed pipes when you do. I have the IIDtool so I will read codes but LiquiMoly in the fuel and a thrashing should do it. Keep you posted
  7. I want to clean the injectors on my 2011 LR4 diesel. Normally you disconnect the inlet and return pipe to the fuel filter and put them both into a can of cleaner and run the engine. In the case of the V6 engine, the fuel filter is hidden underneath so it is not practical. Can I do this nearer the injection pump under the bonnet and if so, which lines? If not, is putting cleaner in the fuel effective? I failed emissions after 30k miles btw
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