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  1. Thank you for the advice! I will do that, its a good idea
  2. Thanks Guys, yeah i figured they might be hard to come across now days. I will keep looking all over for something
  3. Hi Guys, im new to this forum and would appreciate if anybody knows where i could source an adapter ring that allows me to mate a Rover 3.5 V8 to my standard Series 2A gearbox please. I can see heaps of articles on the net that talk about these being available but cant actually see anyone that currently sells a kit. Any assistance would be very much appreciated or if anyone has one to sell? Aaron
  4. Guys, i know this subject is a few years old but its relevant to me right now and im hoping somebody might be able to guide me to somebody that might have an adapter ring that will convert rover 3.5 V8 to my S2A gearbox. I want to do this conversion in my S2A 88 soon but it seems the conversion parts are rare now days. I have heard of the Philips Milner or the Mercia 4x4 kit but neither seem to be anywhere on the internet. can i buy a kit anywhere? I would appreciate any help
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