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  1. I had a similar problem with my webasto airtop 2000 When it keeps running, if engine startet, the voltage is to low. The generator puts 13.8 V minimum to the system. Check cables to the heater. When the glowplug in the heater is working at startup, bad connections in the the power line cause low voltage. I had a bad connection in the fuse box.
  2. I saw that videos from Britannica Restorations and he mentioned that there are 2 types of impellers. He even demonstrates the effect of a wrong impeller (believe in part3) and the polarity with a sheet of paper. He also mentions, that it is almost impossible to get the impeller off to exchange it.
  3. There is a entire series about that from Britannica Restorations on YT
  4. I have stainless screws in my motorcycle engines since decades. No problem. Galvanic corrosion is a problem, that corresponds with thickness of materials and an electrolyte. No electrolyte, no corrosion. Don't bolt aluminium sheet metal with stainless bolts, where salty water can be.
  5. YRM Workshop for 110 & 130. I think Ninety is not too different but here are pics.
  6. Have a look at Britannica Restorations on Youtube. This guy shows very good, how to set up a body with the right gaps.
  7. I think they are mechanicaly the same, but have a different setting, respectivly "tuning"
  8. Stop. Another chance is, you connected on the right side left and right by accident. This can be possible on the right rear.
  9. The hazard switch connects all indicators and put the indicator relay to a permanent plus. I think your problem is in the steering column indicator switch. If you put right indicators on it connects all indicators. I have no idea how the switch can do this, but it is the only solution in my eyes.
  10. A spreader is easy to build and saver in my eyes. The concept can look like this, but it is not necessary massive like that. With a turnbuckle like shown above not even welding is needed
  11. You get the same effect, when you press the casing between top and bottom with a strong screw clamp. But the spreader is a lot better and saver. It is easy to build with some solid bars from iron and a strong turnbuckle
  12. The hardest thing is to lift the Salisbury on a table ...
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