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  1. There is no need to have problems to play around 😁
  2. I put a TD5 exhaust into my 200 Tdi. The tube is wider. Needs some translation. https://www-explorermagazin-de.translate.goog/bauberi/defaus21.htm?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=de&_x_tr_pto=nui Has got a lot more torque in low revs. But I think it has nothing to do with this problem.
  3. This plate has been made from cast iron as well
  4. I ran my Ducati 900SS without open intake for 90.000km quite harder than a Land Rover engine. Result: two sets of Pistons A few minutes without filter is absolutely no problem, as long as you can garantee no hard parts flying in the turbo.
  5. Just to explain: Not the Diff Lock is the feature. The Diff is! This means, engage Diff Lock not when it is "necessary" ... engage when it is possible. When the ground is slippery enough for wheels to compensate different revs at the wheels it can be engaged. Then center diff is protected and can work, when it is really necessary on underground with good traction ie. roads (most of the time).
  6. do you know, which MY they had in their VIN
  7. I know. I wrote about Series III which have been simultaneously produced to the Oneten. They were produced in 1983, but will have a earlier MY according to their spec.
  8. Quite old thread 😁 My Oneten is MY 1983 and first reg has been 01.1986. When I bought it in 2006 I have been told by the former owner, that the car was a service car in Camel Trophy 1984. No idea whether thats right, but there are Camel Trophy stickers, where nobody would place them. Keep in mind, MY in the VIN represents only a spec, but no production. Some Series III were made in 1983, but must have surely been built after an older spec. So the MY in the VIN must be older than 1983.
  9. ... this opens up a second possible use that I could accept 😁
  10. more projects and plenty of space 👍
  11. I am a friend of everything having multiple purposes. This piece can only do one thing better ... paint a chassis. Nothing else. For me, it takes up too much space for that, even when it is disassembled and not in use ... like most of the time. But everyone knows best how much space he has and what is useful for him. Maybe I think it is useless, because I didn't paint my galv chassis at all. Never understood why.
  12. I think too. When I made my rolling chassis, the first was to put the axles with wheels in. Then the height is enough to make the rest easily. I can't see a real benefit, even though, it's a nice-to-have. Btw ... where to put it, when no chassis is to be made? It will be a useless space consumer.
  13. But isn't that only for painting? What happens if you put axles, engine, gearbox in?
  14. exactly the reason why I left my chassis galvanised and didn't paint it.Looks pretty good on my Oneten. First time I saw a bulkhead in this way and I didn't ever think about that. Was a very good inspiration. Thanks for the pic.
  15. Hmmm ... I can't see any traces of hot gas. That would leave a channel and it would be visible on the seal. I think the traces are from water penetration. On the surface, I only recognise depressions from rust. I think it will be tight again as it is, because the inner groove obviously remained tight and no hot gases came through. Was there soot in the engine compartment?
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