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  1. And i didn't say, that particularly THIS engine is a TD, but that the TD needs an intercooler too. Anyway, we both understood, what was meant 👍 Boost without intercooling is suboptimal for any engine
  2. Even the TD needs an intercooler to be thermically stable. Better than without.
  3. Looks like a 200Tdi but no intercooler. Should be upgraded with a 200Tdi radiator pac with intercooler
  4. Ohhhhhh ... what a pity ... 🤭 then that?
  5. Diff pan on the Salisbury in the rear 😁
  6. on a poly v there are a lot of small v's ... side by side. To be honest ... I can't see a serpentine, when I buy one in a shop 😁
  7. The system I linked is different. It has two valves. One of them is switching between rape oil tank and Diesel tank. The other one is making a short cut between return and input of the injection pump running a second time over the additional heater or feeding the return back to the veg oil tank. As long as the short cut is activated the system will get hot sooner and will take only the fuel really needed from the choosen tank. Works perfect
  8. First view: No Poly-V belt => 200 Tdi Turbo downward => Discovery
  9. It is ca. 1l per minute. Quess where I know that from 😉
  10. Since my car is for traveling with 2 persons only, that was ok for me. Now I removed the tank a have a packraft there.
  11. As an extra tank I had a boat tank in the foot compartment of the second seat row. Need it? 😁 https://heiderei.ocloud.de/index.php/s/gMBf34wXtjFydgt
  12. I used to run on rape seed oil for years, but I am not familiar with your short forms. What is DERF? What is SVO? I finished it, when I moved to Switzerland. I didn't find a farmer to refuel large quantities I ran the two tank solution like here
  13. Don't use sunflower oil. It builds up coal on the injectors.
  14. Looks good. I can imagine the noise isolation. I wanted to do some spray isolation without alu foil
  15. I saw on the pic the isolation of your bulkhead. What did you use? Is it self adhesive?
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