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  1. Off road? Bmw 5 ,my old cortina or my ,post office viva van , if thats as good as it gets I'll not bother
  2. All up and running , now for the exhaust manifold gasket i notice is leaking then drive it to the next problem !!
  3. I can't disagree ! ordered dayco belt kit ,supposed to be OEM ,but a wasn't expecting Britpart tensioner etc will use them as i assume the fitted parts have already been changed
  4. Well i seem to have got away without any keyway damage one of the two keys is being a bugger coming out ,crank gear badly worn , new parts on order with Paddocks lots of rain slowing me down just found old waterproofs ,this engine has just clocked up 200,000 I've had it nearly nine years. I had woodruff key problems with my old rrc 200tdi then it chewed into the crank ,i welded keyway but never felt i could trust it on long journeys although it ran ok and with a rotting front door pillar caused by sunroof drains blocked it became a donor with about 170,000 miles thanks for the suggestion
  5. Timing casing is off, set up timing belt to check only to find the crank gear has had its keyway widened by both woodruff keys allowing many degrees of unwanted movement ,both woodruff keys were close to shearing , timing belt had caught its edge on the tensioner ridge and stripped about 3mm off the edge leaving shredded bits throughout,had a pushrod shear/snap about a month ago but that got replaced with no visible problems or running issues until starting it up a few days ago and it ran ,sounded and smoked like a single pot lister ! anyway new belt kit, crank gear and keys , tthanks to all
  6. Thanks for your thoughts on this my adjusting of the pump is right. 2:1 ratio etc i have since found what i think is small piece of timing belt showing through timing casing drain bung hole , the inj pump feels as though its under tension when trying to adjust so just in process of removing timing casing in between the rain clouds I'll let you know the outcome
  7. Hi im having problems timing injector pump setting pump as manuals tdc on flywheel slacken 3 pump plate bolts adjust pump set pin in slot tighten 3 bolts then turn engine over by hand and hey presto pump pin does not fit .with everything tighti can sill move pump witb socket have swapped pump about six months ago timing belt changed 30,000 miles ago
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