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  1. I have 265/65/18 BFG AT on mine, just fit without major issues, looks a bit tight at the rear of the fronts but no probs so far.... haven't got it really clagged up though ... I will be going for an inch lift with sliders at some point so the front edge of the sill trim wont be there to get mud hooked up on .
  2. Mmm.... if only my TD5 could run veg oil .....
  3. 131.9 p/l now around Bicester ..... anyone worse off ? Getting crazy again . Best prices anywhere ?
  4. Hi, I have 265/65/18 bfg at's on my D2 . I have removed the egr and have a straight through midpipe but no tune (yet) . It labours a little off boost but with careful use of the clutch its ok and I'm used to it. It's not 100% ideal but fully loaded with 3 adults , dog, luggage and Christmas presents its the same .... had to wind the steering stop out a turn but other wise I'm happy . Give good under diff clearance too ! H T H Cheers, Phil.
  5. Cheers Tony, thought its best to get 2nd opinion ... looking up numbers now! Phil
  6. ????? I wouldn't know this one, its my first Disco....Series door locks didn't have central locking!!! Open to the floor.... Cheers, Phil.
  7. Morning all, as above my rear door wont open, that is it wont unlock. Ive managed to open it from the inside and now have a cord running from the internal handle through the dog guard to the rear seats..... From what I can work out this points to an actuator issue not the spring or seized lock as once opened from inside and then closed it can be opened from outside all day until the central locking is acticated. Anyone check my theory please? Cheers, Phil.
  8. Mmm.... thinking on ... cheers chaps .
  9. Well this has been rattling around my head for a while now..... My disco has rear air suspension. I have fitted 265/65/18 BFG ATs which have increased the gearing a bit too much but I think an Ashcroft replacement transfer box gearset will sort that. The vehicle would benefit from a mild lift of one inch as we have already gone up about that much with the tyre height and access to the cabin is already abit of a stretch for my 5'6" girlfreind! Obviously to increase the departure angle at least, at least another inch up would be beneficial.... So....having replaced the rear airbags not so long ago I cut out the mounting plates top and bottom to save and see what could be done. I wondered about having custom length bags made up and fitted to the LR mountings..... Or just investigating a longer set of springs that could be fitted to the Disco as it is or by customising the mounts....thus giving me more travel on the offroad setting without upsetting the normal height. This leaves the front...by using a double shock mount I could remove the need to have a shock through the airbag and then the same would apply, either using rear bags or custom ones.... The only part left to work out is the control of it all and whether using the standard compressor and an aftermarket control would work if I tell the ecu that the vehicle has springs!....... Any one done this or got any ideas ..????? (I've not included checking the front propshaft for angles but assume that as so many folks have a 2" lift on springs this shouldn't be an issue and then the issue of anti roll bars has conveniently been solved by Xengs' detachable set up!) Cheers Phil.
  10. Cheers for the replies, I guess it's going to be Hawkeye then in this price bracket..... Phil.
  11. Hi all, I have got the four amigos up and despite the fact that I will eventually be going for a porny special on the ecu (Td5 Disco II) I reckon it'd be handy to sort out the fault now as I definately don't have TC anymore so then by my reckoning I don't have ABS either.!? I have done some research and had settled on the idea of Nanocom but cannot seem to find it for sale either in the mag or on-line. Bearmach list it as on their stock but they now do the hawkeye as well/instead ......does anyone know where i can get it and/or have an opinion on the merits of either..? Cheers, Phil.
  12. Cheers for the replies guys, i've not had a chance to check for the seat heat module but from memory I'm not hopeful!! At least I've got the switches, the facia - and the switches power up....Only the seat module and heat pads to get and fit....!? More urgent now is fitting my Nato hitch as I've got to move the trailer (sankey). Regards to all, Phil.
  13. Good Evening all, Regarding heated fronts seats... I've got the switches wired up and installed in a new facia panel but no heat! I have a Landmark spec TD5 that is full leather interior but originally no heated seats. According to advice here and on the rest of the web if I have the wiring then I should have the heating elements.... Well i got the wiring and now the switches but no heat!!?? Any suggestions? Do I need to have the BCU flashed ? Cheers and Happy New Year. Phil.
  14. I have just fitted a set of 265/65/18 BFG all terrains on my D2. It has the egr removed and straight through downpipe and centre pipe so has a bit more torque off idle but I am carefull pulling away as they are about 8% larger in rolling diameter. I will get a 'stage one' (not major) tweak done on the ecu as the money comes free ( could be a while ....) I haven't trimmed any of the body work but have adjusted the steering stops accordingly, not that much actually. I haven't been off road yet so can not comment how the clearance is going to be at full articulation. If I get it really clagged up then things may get a little bit auto-adjusted..... only time will tell. If you want any photos let me know. Cheers, Phil.
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