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  1. Thanks for the advice chaps. I'm based in the Waterloo area. I'm taking it up to Mo Saturday next where I can give the nanocom a look and to check a few things with their expertise. Dave - just a thought - the engine doesn't cut out when I de-clutch when on the move: would the transfer box not also move when the defender goes from drive to neutral?
  2. Hi BigJ. At any time when I put the key in the ignition and turn to position 2 I can hear the pump. This is both when first starting the car and after it cuts out.
  3. Hello - New Member Alert! Defender TD5, 2005, 105k Miles Possibly chipped, EGR Removed. For the record I am a complete mechanical novice - but I am keen to learn and this is why I bought it. Background: I'm having issues with my (new to me) Defender 90. I've had it since Aug Last year, done approx 3k miles in it since then and it's largely been a dream to drive and own. However, about a couple of thousand miles into ownership I had an issue with the defender where it would seemingly cut out at random. It went back to the dealer I bought it from and there was warranty work carried out. They replaced the injector harness and apparently found some fuel pump wiring issues. After sorting this issue, I had the defender back and it gave me another thousand or so miles of driving. The defender was serviced just before I bought it and will be due one next month. The issue: Defender drives fine when accelerating through the gears, idles fine and starts fine. The fuel pump is noisy but has been since I bought the defender and hasn't been a cause for concern. When moving, at any speed and in gear, once I lift off the accelerator and the car begins to decelerate it cuts out. By 'cuts out' I mean, the orange engine warning light comes on, the engine stops running and the fuel pump is silent. If you try to start it straight after this happens the engine will turn over but not catch. Taking the keys out the ignition and waiting a couple of minutes, she fires up as if nothing happened. This is seemingly random - it doesn't do it every time you coast, but I was able to quite reliably cause it to occur twice yesterday. Quick note - there is no hesitancy in the high revs. It pulls powerfully through all gears. When travelling and you depress the clutch the engine goes back to idle and doesn't cut out. It's only when decelerating with the engine in gear. What I've checked so far: All the relays under the driver's seat/the battery connection/oil in the ECU (there is none). The injector harness was replaced recently. The fuel pump works. As a preventative measure I'll be replacing the fuel filter as it doesn't look to be very new. I'd really appreciate any advice from the Forum - I've been active on Def2 but have been told to cast my net to you guys whose advice is usually invaluable. Has anybody had the same problem? As a related question - are there any London based forum members who have a Nanocom I could borrow to check any fault codes please. Many thanks in advance, Othorton
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