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  1. Thanks for the advice chaps. I'm based in the Waterloo area. I'm taking it up to Mo Saturday next where I can give the nanocom a look and to check a few things with their expertise. Dave - just a thought - the engine doesn't cut out when I de-clutch when on the move: would the transfer box not also move when the defender goes from drive to neutral?
  2. Hi BigJ. At any time when I put the key in the ignition and turn to position 2 I can hear the pump. This is both when first starting the car and after it cuts out.
  3. Hello - New Member Alert! Defender TD5, 2005, 105k Miles Possibly chipped, EGR Removed. For the record I am a complete mechanical novice - but I am keen to learn and this is why I bought it. Background: I'm having issues with my (new to me) Defender 90. I've had it since Aug Last year, done approx 3k miles in it since then and it's largely been a dream to drive and own. However, about a couple of thousand miles into ownership I had an issue with the defender where it would seemingly cut out at random. It went back to the dealer I bought it from and there was warranty work carri
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