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  1. Yes exactly, the fuel tank is in the way and it seems a royal pita to remove it just for this, especially when it’s -2 outside. A bolt cutter it will be, just wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing the bleedin obvious.
  2. This one almost certainly falls into the dumb question category, but I am in the process of replacing the rear Exmoor Trim folding seats on my Puma but can't for the life of me work out how to remove the 'butterfly' clip which is bolted to the floor, into which the two seat belt clasps fit. I can see no way of getting access to it from the underside, although there is clearly a nut there as opposed to a captive. I have searched the site (plus others!) and haven't found any relevant posts, which leads me to believe that it must be something pathetically simple that I am overlooking. Photo
  3. I found this lurking behind the switch panel housing the ciggie lighter on my 1998 2.8i. Looks like a grey trace in the wire, which LRW tells me probably has to do with the rear fog light, but that's all present and correct on the other side of the steering wheel where it belongs. Pretty narrow gauge wire, I can't easily remove the red 'thing' to test the wire so thought I would ask before using force! Can anyone enlighten me? A relic of some long-removed feature? Marc
  4. Got it out, not the most painless experience, knuckle-wise in 4 degrees! is it possible to fix these things? It’s completely jammed. Got the screws out and circlip off the back but can’t get any further without what feels like a destructive amount of force. ....just hoping to save myself £100+ for a new one!
  5. Thanks, that is precisely what I was wondering but I didn't want to try it only to split (another) pipe or something. I would try it now were it not precipitating down outside.
  6. I know it's a weird time of year to be talking about aircon, but is there any way of replacing the aircon cooling fan without having to evacuate and refill the system? From what I can tell it's impossible to get to the bolt heads on the back of the condenser without removing it or having 50cm long rubber fingers and if I remove the condenser including the pipe connectors on both sides, I need to drain the system....right? Or am I missing something bleedin' obvious here? Hope I am.... Marc
  7. Thank you, that's not far and always happy to have an excuse to stop by Lawes!
  8. Eightpot is your aircon controlled by two switches, one for the fan and one for the temperature, or does it have a single control with the temperature on an outer ring? I think the later ones had two switches and the aircon was no longer a local install but the same as the TD5.....so almost certainly different wiring.
  9. A fellow 2.8i owner? Don't know if you heard about a little get 2.8i owner's get together outside of Cambridge this coming Sunday? PM me your mobile number if you are interested and I WhatsApp details to you... My a/c was 'sort of' working in that the blower only worked on full speed, indicating a busted resistor which I will get around to replacing. Then in the last couple of weeks it stopped working, hard to be precise given that I haven't had much need for it. So I just prised it open and what was the fuse was just a mass of molten plastic. The plastic bits that dropped out when I
  10. Thanks everyone for the helpful replies. I was exploring the theory that it might be a fuse put in to protect an inverter (pretty common in SA vehicles) installed under the cubby box given the female IEC plug installed there - see photo. I will remove the cubby and check it out. @eightpot, your connector looks similar but mine only has the brown wires, not the red ones. I do have a clear connector like that in the same area but haven't paid attention to the wire colours but will take a look. I take your point on some of the electrical repairs, although in fairness this one was owne
  11. I actually did "google" it earlier, but using duckduckgo which came up with nothing. Using real google I see what you see ..and you are right, it's a fuse. It doesn't open, it seems the fuse holder part has melted itself shut. This begs the question, is this a standard part? It doesn't look like any fuse holder I have seen on a Defender. I have no idea when this happened, I don't remember smelling anything and given the way it had welded itself to the back of the carpet there would have been quite a stink. Given that everything apart from my aircon is working, I am tempted to ignore it al
  12. More photos. The only wording I can see is in the second photo and it would seem to indicate that it's not a connector (UEI = Universal Electronics?) but I am none the wiser. What I do know is that something is wrong, so any thoughts you might have that could point me in the right direction would be great.....("go see an auto electrician" would be one!)
  13. Hi Paul, thank you very much for getting back to me. I will post some more photos later this morning. I am pretty sure it's not the resistor, isn't that mounted on the evaporator in the passenger footwell? That said, replacing the resistor is also on my list as the fan had been operating on full speed only up to the point where it stopped working altogether. The 1998 2.8i seems to be a hybrid 300tdi and TD5, at least when it comes to aircon. I believe the aircon unit itself was sourced and installed locally in South Africa and it's certainly very different to the 300tdi version, whic
  14. This is my 1998 2.8i, so understood if it's difficult to help, but thought it worth asking. Can anyone help me identify this rather sad looking connector? It has a brown/white and two brown wires, located to the left of the fuse box. I went there trying to diagnose why my air-con blower has packed up (all speeds) but I don't think this has anything to do with the air-con (and fuse 18 and 19 both fine). Part of the brown/white wire is exposed at the connector and there is 12v when the ignition is on. I have checked both the 300tdi and td5 electrical manuals and the likeliest candidate seem
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