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  1. Sorry just checked, it's a Jan 1995 p38.
  2. Ha, i knew it was faulty when I bought it,the car had a cable connected to open the tailgate manually. Its 1994. The trim is removed from the tailgate. Not really electrically minded but have a mate who is, where do I find the rave etm diagrams? Steve.
  3. When all doors are unlocked the tailgate is still locked and will not open. I have tried dozens of times to open it by pushing thumping you name it but the push button although seeming to be unfree and working will not open it. I can open it manually from inside.also the fuel filler is locked permanently. Does anyone know if this would effect the immobiliser at all and prevent the car from starting? Steve.
  4. Can anyone verify that mgf central locking door catches are the same as a p38 rangerovers? Cheers Steve.
  5. Supposedly reset with immobiliser disarmed was told to just refit close all doors fit fully charged battery open door and start.lol.
  6. So how come when I first got the car and unlocked it with the key in door lock all four doors and immobiliser unlocked and I could start car. Steve.
  7. I get that if I'm using the remote but if I'm unlocking manually with the key in the door lock does this still activate the transmitter? Sorry if im sounding thick,ha. Steve.
  8. Ok, I know where this is as I was told to remove the blue wire from it to possibly cure a power drain from the battery but if it was faulty would it stop the central locking and immobiliser from working by using the key in the door? As my key will only unlock the drivers door whereas when I bought the car it unlocked all the doors and immobiser. Cheers Steve.
  9. The remote was sent away with the becm etc and was tested and said to be working but it does not work on my car. Where will I find the receiver unit? Steve.
  10. Just an update, cant believe it's been over a month now, Anyway sent the becm and ECU away to be reset and have now reinstalled it and guess what? It still wont start it's still showing engine immobilised? Probably going to break it now as I'm totally p.o. ha. Steve.
  11. Thanks for all the replys, One other thing I have noticed is I haven't once heard the alarm go off, I assume it will have some sort of audio warning.
  12. Ok I'm still persevering with the eka with little success, when entering the code there are no lights flashing on the dash but the indicators are flashing 3 times with each turn of the key also I have noticed that the message "key in ignition" is on even after I have removed the key. I would like to check I have the correct code for my car but do not know the supplying dealer so would any main dealer be able to tell me the code? it looks more likely I will have to call out a local RR specialist to come out and reset it for me. Steve.
  13. Thanks for the replys, When doing the eka with the key the last time we did look at the indicator repeater light on the wing and we did it as you said but halfway though the sequence the lights didnt flash but we carried on regardless so I'm now hoping this is why it failed. I think I will keep trying for a while to see if I can get a perfect result. If I buy a new lock can it just be fitted or will it need to be done by someone who can set the codes? Steve.
  14. Thanks for the reply, Yes will just keep trying. The fact the rear doors are staying locked is a bit confusing as they were opening with the key.
  15. I realise this has come up time and again and i think I've read nearly all the posts on non starting immobiliser issues but I'm still stuck. I recently bought a nice p38 it started and drove well but the wipers were u/s, the tailgate didnt unlock and the remote didnt work but it locked and unlocked the car with the key in the lock. After disconnecting the battery I fixed the wipers with a secondhand motor but the car wont start and I'm getting the engine immobiliser press remote msg but it doesn't work as I said so I have tried putting the code in via turning the key in the drivers
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