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  1. I’ve tried both forward and revers in both low and high when disengaging diff lock, the warning light does go out. Doesn’t matter what gear I’m in I still get the grinding sound, all propshafts turn!
  2. cheers guys, will take a look at the mechanism first, fingers crossed its something silly!
  3. Hello I drove my 1995 300dti 110 through a deep river but nothing to serious only came up the the top of the wheel, i didn't stop and kept a constant pace. the river was only two meters wide. for this i selected high range locked diff ( right choice, maybe, maybe not). When getting out on the other side with no issues i proceeded to put the car back into working diff, and this is when i had the issue! I could select the right ratio however when trying to pull away it made a horrible grinding sound and i had no drive what so ever (absolutely nothing) put it back into locked diff and i have drive. so my problem is i am now stuck in locked diff, both high and low ratio work fine. Both high and low in working differential both slot to where they should however when selecting any gear i have the grinding sound!! any ideas on what the problem might be???
  4. Hello all. Im a new member and have a question! Im currently turning my 110 CSW into a camper, I still want the use of the rear seats however I want to utilise the space underneath. So my question is, can I fabricate a box to fit the length of the second row seats out of metal, removing the existing legs and brackets then mount the seats on top of the new frame/ box. Is this legal, will they need to be crash tested at all? Any knowledge on the subject is greatly appreciated! cheers.
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