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  1. @FridgeFreezer maybe it's too rich, I don't know it properly because at 1600 MSL is working good at 850 RPM, but I supose that is rich for altitud reason. It's not that bad, maybe make some settings to keep it in an intermediate range. I replaced them already twice, also all carb gaskets as well once. It's true, for that reason it was not common, I didn't know if I was lacking any knowledge about it. Thank you for your help. Any other idea?
  2. Hey, I need your help, I got 73 RRC 3.9-liter petrol with Stromberg carburetors. Currently my house is at 1600 MSL (meters), so when I went to the beach (0 MSL) the last 3 times my RRC got accelerated until I returned home . The distributor is calibrated to 9 degrees. Do you know what may be happening? Thank you in advance for your help.
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