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  1. Awesome job!! Enjoy those nice drives! Congratulations!!
  2. I'm currently having the same issue with my diesel. I had the injection pump rebuilt by a local diesel shop. They did a great job! Ran like a top! Fast forward 2 years... I try to restart it after a frame resto and bulkhead repairs. I get it started but way under power!!! I can't even get enough to pull out. So I put on an temporary electric lift pump to bleed out all the air. Made a minor improvement. Plus changed the timing all around after checking it. End result is i took my pump back the other day to the diesel pump rebuilder for checking and cleaning. We'll see what happens I would suggest the same as above. First check the condition of the engine. Like.. compression, check the valve clearance, etc.... Nice to see another Pennsylvania, USA person posting.
  3. Fresh and clean! Enjoy the show!
  4. Not bad at all. It can be fixed. I agree, it must be in a jig or on the truck for repairs.
  5. Great truck!! Congrats and welcome! I'm located by Pittsburgh, PA. Nice to see a truck on the East coast.
  6. The 2 wire alternators. They are internally regulated. The big wire goes to the battery. The small wire is powered by the dash light. That’s it. No need to jump wires or anything fancy. For my headlights. I used an H4 headlight kit from EBay. It comes with all the wires, relays and fuse to put dedicated power to the headlights. The foot button only becomes a trigger for the relays to turn on high or low beams. Less power thru the cabin switches and the relays take care of the heavy load.
  7. I made my own wiring harness for diesel Series 2A. Bought some 30/40amp SPDT relays with harness, 12 blade fuse panel with wires, H4 headlight relay kit, a bunch of different color wires and sizes, 1/4 inch spade connectors with 3M heat shrink (male & Female), Earth (ground) terminal block, wire inline fuse holders and wiring butt connectors. now put them all together and now everything is fused and working brightly!
  8. Cory

    New Project

    Excellent project! Good luck!
  9. YES!!! Go for it! She looks lovely and deserves your TLC!
  10. Excellent info and pictures. They look great and lots of shock movement. Now I see the fronts... I should have ordered the fronts to match the rear instead of the Monroe. Next time! ha ha!!
  11. Cornish, I'm interested in seeing the front fitment. I might try them next time if the rear BP Cell work out.
  12. I ordered replacement parts from YRM and some specialty pieces from The Welding Wood. I was very happy with the quality and fit. My doors now do not fall off!!
  13. Cornish, I was in the same boat. I read all the reviews and ProComp do not seem that great. Plus every time I see the plastic/rubber boot on shocks drives me crazy!! The BP Cells have a nice metal cover over the end of the shock. Looks real classy. I uploaded a video on you tube about BP Cells, Monroe Shocks and tie rods. Search for "Land Rover Series Rust Repair Part 36" by conrad1468. I don't know if i am allowed to post links.
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