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  1. Thanks both, thats very much appreciated. Its now up and running well. I'll probably drop the oil in a thousand miles or so as it will probably be slightly higher octane than it should be!
  2. I was feeling a bit spannery 🔧 🛠 so as I had the sump off to clean the petroil out, took off a couple of mains and a couple of bigs. There are signs of wear, but nothing i could feel, thoughts please?:
  3. Thanks. Its from Phil at Extraefi, so bought preconfigured, all that should have been done already, I just wired it up as per his instructions. The spark is working fine on all 4 coils. Ive emailed him, but suspect he isn't working/responding at the moment.
  4. Hi all, Well it didn't take long to find the fault, but I don't know how to fix it. Bank D (cly 2 and 3) is live as soon as the fuel pump relay is. I've checked the wiring back to the ecu and its good. So why is ms leaving it live? It explains the amount of fuel, 2 injectors at 185cc will soon empty the tank! Any suggestions?
  5. Just a thought/question. How would the lpg system affect it? The fuse is out, but its all plugged in, its a omvl dream system, (8 injectors).
  6. Thanks for the replies, I guess I have 2 steps: 1) test wires on the injectors in test mode, and 2) if my wiring turns out to be ok, its fuel rail out and repressurise it and see which one drips. I may be taking a look at the big ends too..... great, this car just keeps on giving!
  7. Hi all, I've got it running and was warming it up, but maybe with a cylinder missing, when I noticed oil leaking. But not quite, it was oil with petrol in it, lots of petrol, I've probably drained 12 litres of petrol and oil from the sump. It was probably running for 15 mins on 24th and 10 mins today. So, thats a bit worrying, it was running fairly really well, and even restarted ok, but I need to get to the bottom of the problem, I suspect either a stuck injector or the fuel regulator. The fuel pressure is coming in a 2.9 bar which is high, would that be enough on its own
  8. Thanks both. I was permitted a little car time yesterday, so whipped the plugs out, I've given them a clean with a bit of carb cleaner, ill stick them in the oven with breakfast and have another go shortly.
  9. Hi all, I've read so much my head hurts, can I have some pointers please. I have an ExtraEFI kit with vw coil packs fitted to a 3.9 v belt v8 with original stepper idle control. I had it running first thing this morning to warm it up to set the timing, but it only ran on 7 cylinders, it turned out one of the new coil packs was only working on 2+1, not 2+2. Trying to restart it has been impossible, even after leaving it for hours. I've picked up a new coil pack, I can hear it trying to catch, but it won't start. I've struggled with setting up tthe idle
  10. Hi, Does anyone havrva shot of their settings for the oem stepper using ms2 please? Thanks, Steve
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