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  1. Thank you everyone! Such helpful info. So from the sounds of it, it will not be cost effective for me. We are on a Caribbean island with the windows down always and will be converting to a soft top. I am trying to dampen the engine noise a bit to make it more enjoyable to cruse the beaches. I will try the foam trick in the cab first and see how well that does
  2. Does anyone know if a bonnet noise deadening mat will really make a difference is the engine noise? I would have to ship it internationally which is expensive so want to be sure it is worth it.
  3. Thank you @Snagger I think I am just going to go with what I can find on the island sadly. The risk of ordering something and it not working is too high.
  4. So to be clear, would the below be a complete set up for three front seats: Frames: LH Frame: https://www.johncraddockltd.co.uk/lr045272-seat-base-frame-lh-90110.html RH Frame: https://www.johncraddockltd.co.uk/lr045271-seat-base-frame-rh-90110.html Center Frame: https://www.johncraddockltd.co.uk/349996-seat-frame-for-front-cushion.html Seats: https://www.johncraddockltd.co.uk/ext378-1-deluxe-black-vinyl-full-seat-set-series-3-by-exmoor.html
  5. Hey @Snagger I can try and get my property manager to send photos today but it will just be on the cab interior with the two bucket seats. I a due to arrive next week and could take better images.
  6. @steve bI totally appreciate that. Thank you. I was looking at Brit car and they look great.
  7. @steve b So the ones I have from Craddock are not the best choice? @ThreePointFive It isa rear tank and TD5 chassis. I can't locate the chassis number on it though. Not surprised though. Again this island is as remote as they come. I just had my mechanic make a new tank as the fiberglass one was leaking. See photo. @Eightpot Thank you for the confirmation. We have fantastic upholsters on the island. But I don't think they would be cheaper than me shipping the £200 seat.
  8. @steve b @western @Eightpot Thank you for the replies! The truck is a bit of a Frankenstein's monster. From what I can tell the entire truck is a mix of Defender and Series parts. The island it lives on, has to do its best with what's around. I can confirm it is a 1987 Defender 90 in mechanical parts (mostly), but the cosmetics are a carp shoot. The current seats are two bucket seats on independent frames. What kind of frames, I have no clue. Could be Suzuki for all I know (the other popular make on the island). I don't think the seats are LR. So I think I have to start from scratch. And you are right, they aren't cheap! That is why I have to ensure it will work before ordering. I am hoping to be back on island next week can can get more information. But if you have any ideas currently I would love to hear it. Basically I just want three seats in the front of the 90. If you follow @islandrovers on instagram you may have seen his 90 with the Deluxe Seats. He just told me he used the Deluxe Series Seats and a series seat bases from Exmoortrim but I can't find either on their site. Craddock had these options only.
  9. Hello, I have a 1987 90 in the Caribbean and I would like to install the Deluxe Series Seats by Exmoortrim on a series 1 1988 tygan vinyl seat base. Would this be possible? Need to know before I buy as shipping it hellish and once they arrive they can't be returned. Link Below from Craddock: Seat Base - https://www.johncraddockltd.co.uk/ext393-ty-tygan-vinyl-seat-base-8688-series-1-raf-blue.html Seats - https://www.johncraddockltd.co.uk/ext378-1-deluxe-black-vinyl-full-seat-set-series-3-by-exmoor.html This is the little devil.
  10. UPDATE So I have figured it out. It’s just the master and slave gaskets. They are worn and causing a drop in pressure. Phew! Thank you for the guidance!
  11. Thanks you! Ok! It’s an island truck and purchased for me to learn and fix it so yes! I’m ready to learn. 😁 if you know any posts or websites with the information I would be so grateful. I spoke with the guys I bought it from and he mentioned something about it having to be in reverse to take it out? He was speaking about the transfer box I assume.
  12. I will have a look under the rubber boot and see what’s going on. Is it possible for the 4x4 stick to disengage and be in a “1/2 way” position? i.e. between H and N This would cause the inability to get into gear?
  13. Yes I feel like a moron! The knob was twisted. And what I thought read as off was actually diff. Opps. 😜 Thanks for being helpful!
  14. So I figured it out, but if anyone know why that would be great. The 4x4 shifter seems to shift to neutral when parking. So I have to re-shift to high then the gears work fine. Any one know why?
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