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  1. bolt it down firmly and use a fy cutter
  2. Cheers Mo. Must admit my heads spinning with all this. I was looking at the replacements on the Island 4x4 site, they look a straight forward weld on job, im wondering if I can mount the bar to the axel then use that to give me a location to weld them on. Ive emailed 4x4fab for some answers about my chassis, see what they come back with, then maybe get in touch with DVLA and see if the stories match.... Either way I had the work done in good faith lets hope it follows through. Tom
  3. well all have is the paper work from when it was changed . I asked what to do about the chassis numbers and was told " nothing just keep all the paper work". All the work was carried out by 4x4 fabrications . Sandford, Whitchurch
  4. Hi Bowie, I agree mate, starting to think the firm that fitted it for me weren't as good id been told. Having said that it was almost a basket case when I bought it and id suspect the anti roll bars weren't there in the first place. Either way I want to fit them.... as for being legal it passed its mot with no probs ... Tom
  5. Hello Mo, I ve been trying to find a few pictures but all ive come up with are 110s with what appears to be a tank guard , I have nothing like that but just had a close look it appears that some kind of fixture has been cut off, Just wondering if I could fabricate my own the only prob sizes, as I guess its important to have the bar mounted so it doesn't affect the axel travel,,,, Just wondering if I could make them similar to the front mounts. Tom
  6. Me again. Whole new problem to sort. A while back I had a replacement chassis fitted, I was told it had come from a 2012. ( not so sure now) Apart from none of the exhaust mounting points lining up I find that I don't have any mounting points on the chassis to mount an anti roll bar, I have the front ones and all 4 on the axels but nothing on the rear of the chassis so no reference point to weld on new ones, any info on the right position or right method to determine where they should be would be a great help...( the good side of this damn lock down is I got lots for time sort all these problems ) Just as a point of interest it look like its had any bars fitted for a long time. Tom
  7. Thank you Gents. Screen rubber now well in hand, just waiting for my little helper to get her can out of the whirling pit. So ill move on to problem 2 but ill post a new topic for this one. again thanks too all. Tom
  8. Cheers Mutley. Yep im gona use the washing line method lol well lubed parra cord. Tom
  9. Me again. Couple of daft question if I may Steve, 1 which is inside 2 did you take out the dash top or can it be left in place. Cheers Tom
  10. Thank you Steve, that's is what I have and your sketch throws light on how its fitted.. thank you mate..... out with the Stanley knife in the morning.... Thank you all lads I can get a nights sleep now Tom
  11. You wouldn't believe what I can do with the third one lol lol Thanks Simon,, other side would of been better ( the inside) I got this one from Island 4x4, ive checked all their part numbers and they are the same ?????? the number I have on the bag it came in match.... As things are with everything shut down I cant do a great deal, just keep asking questions and hope some has had the same prob and sorted it.. Do I spy one of them thar yanky style guns with the barrels on sideways lol just joking im a side x side man myself, with a sprinking of front stuffer
  12. Best I can do, not easy to get the full shape of the rubber Photos.zip
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