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  1. Hi so im interested in fitting a rollcage onto my truck cab 90 and from some searching i found that a bunch of people recommend north off road but when trying to find their website or anything nothing comes up, can anybody help with providing a contact or link please. Or any better manufacturer that do a good job please.
  2. Hi i have a 90 td5 06 and i have rebuilt it on a galvanised chassis and am building it for road and off road use, can anyone explain what is the best clutch i can get because from what i have found is that there is a mix between clutchfix and lof clutches, i have heard good things about both but i also seen somewhere where they say that lof is just a copy of clutchfix can anyone explain and direct me to the best option please. And if single or duel mass as i dont know too much about clutches.
  3. Hi i am in the process of rebuilding my 06 td5 i have galvanised the chassis and the small parts around it (cross member, rear body bracket, etc) and was told i should galvanise my bulkhead too. Can anyone help what should be done as preparation and if it actually worth doing the bh? Was thinking of making a frame around it to brace it from the windscreen mounts and also all around to the chassis mounts so there is minimal distortion and flexing, also the galvanising company will have somewhere to lift from for the forklift. What other parts can i galvanise too was thinking the brake mud
  4. Thanks for all the replies, i have also came across a website that to me looks good because you can even load the model you have on it and it removes all that dont fit it https://www.lrworkshop.com/diagrams has anybody tried them ? Thanks in advance
  5. I cant find any part numbers on allbrit but i can try source some from somewhere and try those suppliers you suggested, i actually dont mind that they are European company as i am from Europe too so it doesnt make a big difference i just want quality mostly and a reliable supplier where i can buy all the screws and fittings needed but thanks i appreciate your help
  6. Hi am doing a rebuild on my defender td5, galvanising chassis and what not and i am looking to buy as much fixings as possible to replace old ones. I have come across allbrit.de and found that it has a lot or if not all the bolts/screws washers and nuts that i need, has anyone used the site and bought from them please. Whats your opinion on them and is there any place better to get them from? Dont wish to get stainless steel ones though. Thanks in advance.
  7. No they dont move at all i have tried to move them by hand a bit aswell but they are not moving and i dont want to do exessive force as i dont want to break anything
  8. Hi i have just bought a new defender 06 and the wipers seem to be stuck in the middle of its movement i have checked and the current is getting to the motor and can hear the clicking from the relay so im guessing the stalk and relay are all good but they arent moving, does anyone know what the problem might be as im thinking that its the whole motor that is at fault because if it was the park sensors they would move but just not park, what do you guys think as im new and dont know what i exactly need to do, any help is appreciated. Thanks
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