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  1. True, but I still haven't made up my mind 🙂 I will let you know ASAP if I go ahead with the crazy plan of converting it and shipping it to Chile via the UK and see if you are still available for sharing a container out of Durban. Cheers
  2. Thanks a lot for the input and I appreciate you offer of helping out with SA docks and shared shipping. Timescale depends on the UK and SA lockdown. However, since the only reason for shipping the car to the UK is to have it registed it for 6 month and do the RHD to LHD conversion, and then re-export it to Chile (both are mandatory in order to import the vehicle to Chile), we are looking at 2 x shipping cost, 2 x times import duty and VAT, plus roughly GBP 8k for the conversion before it will be hitting the roads in Chile. Based on that I trust is will be a better option to keep the Kalahari in SA and buy another Defender in Chile. It would most likely have to be a Td5, as only 10 Defender 110, 300 Tdi's were ever imported to Chile.
  3. Thanks for the link. As far as I have understood from HMRC's website the costs would be 10% import duty + 20% VAT based on the value of the vehicle.
  4. Thanks for your recommendation, it's highly appreciated 🙂
  5. That is a valid point about the VIN always saying RHD. Thanks for your input 🙂
  6. Thanks for your reply. I have been in contact with Akonic already, but they replied that the do not do this kind of work. I will however get in contact with Matt Spencer. Thanks for the tip 🙂
  7. Thanks for your reply - This is actually one of the options I consider 🙂
  8. We want to import and register our 2006 ROW spec Defender 110 Kalahari, 300 Tdi in the UK, but are uncertain if it is at all possible to register it in the country due to emission restrictions etc. (I believe the 300 Tdi could not be sold within the EU after 1998, since it was only EURO2 or EURO3 compliant) We have tried to contact the DVLA, but due to COVID-19 they do not respond to general queries until further notice. Any help, experience or advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance, stay safe and have a nice weekend.
  9. That is unfortunately the challenge. Chile does not allow registration of RHD vehicles.
  10. Thank you very much for the valuable information and I will try to check with Liemers in Jhb. I agree that the sensible thing to do is to sell the Kalahari and buy a LHD elsewhere, but we've spent two years finding a Kalahari and just finished an extensive rebuild that makes it as good as new. Selling it would be like selling a family member 🙂
  11. We want to convert our 2006 Defender 110 Kalahari (300 Tdi) from RHD to LHD in order to bring it with us back to South America (it's currently parked in South Africa). Since our Defender is one of the last ROW Tdi 300's it has the latest Td5 interior trim, dashboard and A/C panel, which I believe came out in mid 2002 (please see attached picture). We are looking for one of the following four options: Someone in the UK or South Africa that has a same period LHD Defender with the same original Td5 interior dashboard/associated trim and A/C panel, and who wants to convert from LHD to RHD and hence are interested in swapping the required parts. Someone in the UK or in South Africa who is selling the LHD version of the same original Td5 interior dashboard/associated trim and A/C panel from the same period. Recommendations for a reliable repair shop in mainland Europe or the UK who can do the RHD to LHD conversion for us and supply the original required parts, dashboard/associated trim and A/C panel. Recommendations for a reliable repair shop in South Africa who can do the RHD to LHD conversion for us and supply the original required parts, dashboard/associated trim and A/C panel. As far as I understand the following parts are required as a minimum to do the RHD to LHD conversion: Dashboard and associated trim incl. A/C interior panel and switches, LHD seat box, LHD steering box, LHD panhard rod, steering arm, steering pipes, brake pipes, chassis bracket, heater box, headlights, wiring loom. Also the bulkhead needs modifications. Thanks in advance for your help, ideas and recommendations.
  12. Thanks Brian, will do. Do you know how the de-registering process works in RSA if we want to drive the car back to the UK instead of shipping it? Cheers
  13. Hi Eightpot, Thanks a lot for your reply, it is highly appreciated. Kind regards
  14. Hi Peter, yes, it's build in Solihull according to the VIN number.
  15. Hi Landy friends, Thanks for letting me join this forum. I'm Danish and have been living in London the last year, but are now based in the green hills of Lancashire, UK. I'm the happy owner of a 2006 Defender 110 Tdi300 Kalahari Edition (Rest Of the World specs), which I currently have registred in South Africa and use for our overland expeditions. The short term plan is to drive it back to to the UK and register it there, but I am somewhat uncertain about the procedure and pitfalls and hope the that this forum can help make the process go smoother. The car is non-cat and non-EGR from the factory, thus I do not know if that will cause a problem with emissions during the MOT. Does anyone have experience with that? The long term plan is to convert it from RHD to LHD and ship it to South America, so input from members who have done the RHD LHD conversion is of high interest too. Thanks in advance and lot's of Landy greetings from Lancashire, UK.
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