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  1. The new nuts with shoulder as you have shown run on freely without resistance If shoulder near the end of the thread something must compresses when the nut is freely Maybe I I'm using the wrong bolt In the manual it does not give information on nuts but says the nuts should be replaced after one use Thanks waratah
  2. I am rebuilding 2.25 litre petrol land rover engine big end cap nuts and bolts The question is the bolts l took out are longer and the nuts were nylock the new bolts ERC8751 are little shorter the nuts ETC 5155 are not as big as the original ones they are thinner and have a small shoulder these are self locking but run on freelyts Which way does the shoulder go. On bearing cap or the end of the thread I am thinking that shoulder fits on the end cap and compresses on the thread when the nuts are torqued Thank waratah
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