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  1. Hi ladies and gents, now this god awful weather has dawned on us, I have discovered leaks on the old girl. It’s been a fairly dry summer and now it’s been raining it’s magnified the leaks. One is, as the title suggests, a leak on the intermediate seal where the tub meets the top panel, it has rusted over there before. Would you recommend me to remove the top, clean the surface and change the seal or just squeeze some mastic in place. Love to hear your suggestions. IMG_5863.MOV
  2. Brilliant! Thanks alot, I had a little search for the brownchurch roof rack but struggled to see them for sale ? Could you point me in the right direction? Do they have a website?
  3. Hi everyone, I was looking at getting the classic boxy looking galvanised roof rack for my 90 and I wanted people’s opinions as I know they are heavy and not very aerodynamic (not that a defender is). Is it worth investing more for a better one like front runner or Hannibal?
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