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  1. Update..... 2 new ride height sensors fitted today.....seems to have cured the problem. Although clean enough to look at, passenger side had nearly siezed up and was very stiff when removed. Also had a bit of a job getting the bolts out and one of them on the trailing arm snapped. Hammered out easily enough and replaced. Next job, another ABS sensor but that's for another day as I've earned a beer now!! Cheers
  2. Hi Griff. I have not recently done any work underneath the truck or had any reason for it to go out of calibration. It failed when the wife and I had been for a short drive to a local spot. The road we drove down was uneven, but not any worse than I have been on in the past. The last time I worked on the underside was 18 months ago to weld a patch on the chassis. I've purchased a pair of sensors as a matter of cause and also an ABS sensor as the 3 amigos have now appeared also. My brother in law has a snap on diagnostic which is fairly new and plugged it in for me last week. It threw up 2
  3. hello. I have a suspension issue which is baffling me. Disco 2 53 plate. The issue is the rear suspension is dropping to the stops on both sides and won't inflate on its own. If I use the dash button it will inflate fully with no problem and holds air on both sides overnight. Would a faulty ride height sensor cause this as I can't understand why it will pump up from the dash, hold air but not automatically as it should. Thanks in advance.... Andy.
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