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  1. If I don`t get the handle I`ll just use Simon_CSK fix saving me £ 80 Badabing................P38... Best car Ive ever driven, Smiles all day long
  2. So. Left door done & it wasn`t too bad. Big shout out to Orangebean @ rangerovers.pub for the plastic tie tip however it was still a fiddle. Interestingly, either the chap at landrover putting the springs in the bags have either put the right door spring in the left kit bag & the left door spring in the right kit back or the part numbers are wrong for each door. I didnt end up using MTC9290 - CLIP-RETAINER PIN or ALR68 Clip. Ive added more pics below as the ones on the definitive fix are missing https://www.rangerovers.net/threads/the-definitive-fix-for-stiff-p38a-door-handles.11692/ First job was to pop off what they call a cheater panel(just pulls off). This reveals Door card securing screw no.1. Disconnect the speaker connector. Remove the screw securing the remote handle escutcheon, remove escutcheon. Two more screws under the arm rest. Then its the door card pull and jiggle (might break some clips here x12). Disconnect Speaker connector. Carefully release the plastic sheet, I used a thin knife Torch time. The Red Plastic retaining clip at the latch end just needs to be rotated anti clockwise then remove the control rod from the door handle. Torx 25 bit for the handle inner securing screw, slide the handle forwards and rotate outwards to reveal the outer securing screw. Take plenty of pics of the inner workings of the handle to give yourself a fighting chance. Put the kettle on as here comes the fun bit. Remove old roll pin and seperate the old spring and plastic bit. Then its the plastic tie trick (Swearing optional). I found thicker ties held better but the bigger they are you lose space to move. You can see where the mechanism rubs the spare bit of metal at the bottom of the handle, I just snapped mine off once it was back together again. Now I`m waiting for the drivers door handle to arrive and I`ll follow up once I`ve done that side if there are any big differences. Hope this helps.
  3. I have recently fallen foul of this one. Ive been awaiting parts from Craddocks since February. They have finally released the order so the parts are coming tomorrow (Less the handle, they are struggling to get that one. I think they have had to liaise with Land Rover directly. Still, I am confident I`ll get it as they haven`t said No yet. I`ll try and upload a picture of the order so others can benefit from the part numbers etc. I was holding off buying the cheap fix parts as didnt want to pay the tenner postage just for the £4 bits. I suggest anyone whose Handles are getting stiff buy the cheap fix sooner rather than later. Not looking forward to doing it if I`m honest. Parts Diagram is currently available to be viewed here http://new.lrcat.com/#!/1234/88265/88266/6958 Just stumbled over this article which I`ll be following. https://rangerovers.pub/topic/360-stiff-door-handles-solved-and-painless?page=1 I`ll let you know how I get on
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