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  1. thank you..!.....it does have a webasto fuel heater.....it looked factory.....
  2. Hello, while changing my rear diff seal on my 1998 TD5 90...I noticed this filter? zip tied to the frame...it look like the bracket rusted thru....any idea what this is?...has an electrical connector and the line runs up by the fuel tank....location is right above the flexible rear brake line.. thank you...
  3. Hi...getting ready to replace my fuel pump on my TD5....any thoughts on the best brand out there?.....not one of the parts I want to skimp on.. thank you!...
  4. Hello....still looking for help on the above connectors.....also looking for help identifying the one below, it is the connector for the water sensor on the fuel filter(TD5) thank you!..
  5. Hello...I am looking for some help identifying the connectors for the rear fog and reverse lights on my '98 Defender......male plug I am looking for....these are different than the standard turn signal, brake, etc.... thank you... Dan
  6. Hello.....just wondering if anyone is offering a mileage run-up service for my replacement TD5 speedometer?.....thank you!...Dan
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