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  1. @Snagger i understand what are you saying but i want to put big tires like 33 or 35 so i have to put lift
  2. What about old man emu 30mm lift kit? Who tried it?
  3. what about this K and N filter 6x9''
  4. @Snagger i think bfgoodrich all terain are gonna work well for road and offroad
  5. @Chicken Drumstick I mean that the main use is on road but also few times for offroad...so i want something comfortable on road and also good for offroad
  6. @Snagger i want to fit 33x10.5x15 tyres...so with this lift is gonna work well?
  7. @Nonimouse what different disco air box have than the defender air box
  8. @Bowie69 the main use is on road but i would use it also for offroad but not proffesional off roading
  9. I would like your opinion about Teraffima Pro sport plus 2 inch maxi dislocation kit. Is it comfortable in road? Is it good for offroading? And what other options are better than this on this price? Thanks
  10. @hurbie so the engine is gonna work well with all kinds of air filters without problem?
  11. I have a defender 90 1991 model and i want to change the air filter but i want to put a performance filter. I want to remove the air filter box and put a round tapered air filter. This modification will make problems to the engine? How much air 200tdi engine needs? and this will give me more power?
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