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  1. That's great I'll have to get some good pictures of it over the weekend. I managed to dig this old one out though:
  2. First post after lurking, but thought it would be good to pick the brains of the more knowledgeable when it comes to LR matters First off, whilst the IBEX isn't a LR, the one I'm working on has a transplanted 200TDi and running gear from an early 90's Defender. After reading several threads about retrofitting A/C to Defenders, I had an attack of 'how hard can it be', that along with lockdown boredom and the fact that we have the 3 grove pulley has been enough to get this project started. Whilst the IBEX is my dad's, I have permission to do the air con mod. The first and biggest challenge in my mind is mounting the compressor. I've seen the original mounting plate that LR made for the 200TDi, and whilst it would be easier to source one it requires a tensioner pulley to be installed on the timing cover. Problem is that on our 200tdi the lower rad hose is in the way. My solution was to make a different bracket that allows the compressor to hinge and set the tension that way. I made a cardboard template and then welded three bits of steel together: The two pieces of angle steel make use of existing bolt holes on the timing cover and block. The next step was to weld some ears onto the plate to support the compressor. I managed to get hold of a Sanden SD510 for a very good price. The ears were fixed to the compressor and the AC pulley was lined up with the middle crank pulley before being welded on. Haen't got the correct bolts for the compressor yet but did a test fit. That is the progress so far. The next job is to weld on a slotted bar to allow rotation of the compressor for tensioning the belt, and of course finding a belt of the correct length! Whilst there is a lot to do on this project the first steps have been taken. I havent put much thought to the cab side of things yet, I was wondering if any defenders had an engine compartment side evaporator for the stock AC system? or whether the evaporator was built into the more modern defender dashboard?
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