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  1. I believe the engine is out of a discovery series one. I have purchased a few brackets (ac/alt) however figuring how to bolt them to the engine is a challenge. That is why I wanted some pictures of some engines. I am considering buying a parts engine however in Washington state I have been unable to locate one. If you can please send me some pics. Thanks, Terry T
  2. Could you send me some pictures of the front accessory brackets (a/c, alt, ps pump) of your 3.9l v8. I have posted an inquiry in this forum. Your v8 looks like what I have. Thanks
  3. I am attempting to install a rover 3.9l v8 (engine number 38D04281A) into my 1971 Stag. I have had the block completely rebuilt. My problem is that the engine does not have any of the brackets for mounting the a/c compressor, power steering pump or alternator. I have been researching this for sometime. I find the documentation of these brackets very confusing. I would appreciate if someone could send some pictures that would help me to visualize the completed engine. Any other info as to parts source would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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