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  1. Simon_CSK thank you very much. Yes, I believe it is a D2, and yes it is petrol V8. your advice seems bang on. Going down to the shop today for a diagnosis. I shall report back!
  2. Hi folks, I am not a mechanic, but bought a 2003 Land Rover Discovery Se for some remote camping, but - avoiding all the background - quarantine and lock down fate prevented me from getting maintenance and it was driven by a family member resulting in an engine failure. It had sat unused for 3 months and I ironically had come back to pick it up, do maintenance etc. I was not the driver so can't speak first hand, but it seemed there was a strange noise (tapping or clicking) while driving then the engine died. That's when the white steam (and possibly smoke, drying coolant?) was spotted billowing out the sides. The temperature gauge was low the whole time. When I arrived on the scene an hour later, things had cooled, and I found the oil OK, but coolant was empty. I added 3L of water and after it circulated each time it would hiss and steam up at the thermostat housing. The engine turned with the ignition, but would not engage at all. It sounds like there is spark, but no ignition. I got a tow. Now parked up waiting for a mechanic to take a look Monday. 1. Manual Mode and Sport Mode are both flashing = bad. 2. Check Engine is illuminated = bad. 3. Low Oil Pressure illuminated = bad. 4. Temp overheat light illuminated = bad. I'd like to ask those of you who may know whether you have some idea of what the cause might be - based on probabilities. I'll come back once I have a professional look at it, but my concern is that I am at the mercy of the mechanic who could easy fleece me (the Noob!) on this. Thanks in advance!!
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