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  1. Hi Yes I could see that, which was good. I bought the kit as a whole with the pulley, because I didn,t know if the mod had been carried out. As you say, I did not initially change it because it seemed to have been done. It had, but with an inferior part? Thanks, Dave.
  2. Hi Steve Just put a reply on the main forum - hope you can see it. Cheers, Dave.
  3. Hi Steve, Just put the landy back together and all seems fine. New rods and part of the rocker assembly care of Ebay. I ran it for an hour then took the timing cover off and the belt looks ok. On closer inspection I found that the belt guide on the back of the timing pulley had come apart (picture attached). Whether this was part of the problem, or the belt shredding caused it I don't know. Anyhow, thanks for your help and input it made the difference. I also bought the wrong timing pin for the Flywheel - I returned it as it fitted the automatic variety. Found out on an internet article that the R380 reverse switch fits perfectly. Thanks again, Dave.
  4. Thanks Steve, I will let you know how it goes. Cheers, Dave.
  5. Hi Steve, I wonder if you could cast light on a niggle for me? I am waiting for parts to get my 300tdi up and running again - I managed to get the stuck rod out of the engine with a claw hammer - thanks for that. I have ordered a new crank seal , but have discovered that there is an o ring that goes somewhere. Does this go between the crank pulley and the crank seal? It looks the same diameter as the crank. The pulley by the way had also come to pieces in the mayhem of the belt break, or it could have been the problem. The o ring is mentioned in a blog where another guy replaces his belt https://www.mud-club.com/index.php?topic=65553.0. Thanks for your help, Dave.
  6. Hi I am changing the timing belt on my defender and I have ordered an O ring Err 4710.Does this fit behind the crank pulley - I see there is another oil seal involved : Err 4575. It is the 300tdi model 1997.
  7. Hi Maverik, I bought the kit off Ebay a shop/supplier called Randc, which seam to sell a lot of Landy parts.
  8. Hi Steve, Thanks for getting back. After a closer look, I can see a scuff mark on the timing case (marked her on the picture) so that seams the culprit. Perhaps the idler pulley was rubbing the outer casing. The other marks are from previous owners. The crank pulley is the lipped variety, so it may have not marched off here, but maybe elsewhere - from the idler. I will get the present new tensioner and idler off the vehicle and compare - perhaps it was not sitting properly? Also, the furthest rod is jammed into the head. Do you know if these clear the engine block when through to the cam? It looks like i may have to take the head off to get the bent rod out. All the rods were bent, and the rocker was broken. Happy days.
  9. Hi, I just replaced the timing belt on my 1997 defender, and the belt shreaded after about 30 miles. The back portion of the belt is still there but I suspect the cam and crank is out of sink as is the injector pump. Can anyone shed light on the break please perhaps the tension was too high? Thanks, Dave.
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