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  1. Appreciate the input! Shall do a new steering damper and panard rod adjustment and keep you updated!
  2. Not sure about the castor, but ive seen castor corrected balls available...? To be honest it sort of started all of a sudden after I let my pressures down.
  3. Cheers folks, I will double check panhard rod, there is a steering damper on the way and shall try somne roadwheels!
  4. Right so I have a 90 on a Galv chassis with the following modifications: 35" Maxxis Creepys, 15x10 modulars, terrafirma light duty +2" lift springs and 5" 4 stage shocks, sitting on 3 inch blocks all round, with adrenalin 4x4 cranked front and rear radius arms, adjustable panhard rod and freshly re- UJ'ed wide angle propshafts. I have tried everything and there is no play anywhere in swivels both top and bottom, preloaded positively, any of the ball joints, the drop link arm or joint and the whole truck has been polybushed, BUT! going above 35 mph is deadly, the wobbling is uncalmable through the steering wheel and the wheels both look like they are wobbling left to right. Truck has had a dead ahead wheel alighnment but is no better after it than it was before. Someone please help? Swapped the chassis in February but only started a couple months ago
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