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  1. Just taken the rocker cover off again and the push rods are all fine. But a couple of the rockers are really floppy. (really out of adjustment) You think it would cause the chugging noise? Surely if the engine was out of time it would have destroyed itself again? Think I'm going to have to re adjust the tappets and then put the radiator back in, so we have a oil cooler ect. Will keep you posted.
  2. So a couple of weeks ago, I was driving to work in my '97 300tdi defender and there was a thud and the engine came to a stop. And I immediately knew what had happened... So after getting towed back home, I decided to take the job on myself and try and fix her up. Over the last few weeks I've been ordering various parts and tools and have slowly been getting there. And Today I thought I would be done. I got the engine all re-timed up (at least I think I have) The wood ruff key was at 12 o'clock to the arrow and the timing pin was in the bell housing. The Injector pu
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