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  1. Hi, Yes got an 81 FFR. Will have a read of the V8 thread. Thanks
  2. Ok Thanks. The unrefined part is my dislike of the LR Tdi engines. I had a Trooper many years ago and my high mileage 2.8 was way better that an almost new Disco I test drove when it was time to move on. I assume not possible to mate an auto to the standard 2 1/4 petrol. Or will it lose too much Bhp. Thanks
  3. Hi, Don't really want a V8 so guess 300tdi is next best, or is it longer. Just not a huge fan of the tdi engines. Always seemed very agricultural. (I know it's going in a LR). Will be done over a period of time myself and eldest son (Royal Engineer fitter) will do some and may have to farm a bit out.
  4. Hi, Thanks for that. Sorry for delay in replying, had to reinstall windows on laptop so taken a while to sort it. Does the Freelander TD4 engine go in?
  5. Hi, new to the site. I drove an air portable serving in Cyprus as UN forces in 1975. Now in a position to have one as a fun vehicle as a blast from the past to enjoy with my 2 sons, ( understand the difficulties owning an old one) but youngest has limited use of right arm (accident at age 15) so can only drive an Auto. Any one fitted any sort of engine auto combination into a lightweight. All advice appreciated, thanks
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