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  1. So after hours of hanging out with Google and getting my computer on a copy of the 1574 page military parts catalogue, I finally found the Wolf specific parts. If anyone else is curious... 110 -header rail and drain channel.pdf
  2. This was the only thing I could find online pertaining to the side channels...
  3. I have a 1995 110 ex-Mod that went through the Tithonus project. I have the fiberglass hardtop and military roll bar but wanting to swap the hardtop for the Exmoor pvc wolf soft top. I realize there are some bits needed for the conversion and had a conversation with John at Exmoor about it, he said I'd need their Td5 header rail as well as the "wolf over door drain channels" as well as "side door drain channels". These aren't Exmopor parts, nor did he have a LR part number. I was hoping someone here might know where I can find them and what the part numbers are? I'm also open to other options to making the conversion from hard top to soft top work. Thanks!
  4. Hi Western, Guess that makes sense and thank you for the info/solving that mystery! Glad I found a place with knowledgable people to bounce any questions off of... I'm sure there will be more in the coming days/weeks.
  5. Hi, Long time Defender owner but first time Ex-MoD owner (very excited). Just bought a 1995 110 FFR and still getting acquainted with it but am completely perplexed by this windscreen mounted display. The LEDs all illuminate while cycling through the 6 way light switch and only the green stays illuminated once a lighting option has been settled on. On the lead there is a label marked "display". The device in question is mounted to the lower left corner of the windscreen (LHD truck). The truck was only owned by MoD until my purchase from Witham in July. Any thoughts? Thanks much
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