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  1. I'm writing this from memory from last summer on my 90. You need the gutter bolts out all the way to the rear corners. Obviously the blocks securing windscreen frame to bulkhead. Then something substantial to lift and support. I used a trolley jack on the centre cubby box, a suitable length of 2x2 wood or whatever size you have with a square/rectangle of wood screwed to the top to spread the load lifting the roof. It took a bit to break the seals away but then it lifted easily the 3 or 4 inches that I wanted. I had no windscreen in so it was easier. Put in some secondary support, like a block
  2. As Tim said above. There's an LED with earth wire replacement on ebay from boltonbits for the dash flasher that's supposed to solve it. I got one but it didn't fix my problem. I had to remove the led side repeaters and refit standard bulbs. That fixed it.
  3. I've got GORE bonnet and rear [safari] door hinges. Absolute works of art. Should be mounted on the living room wall. Almost a shame to fit them
  4. One would hope that the bolts are the wrong way round only for the photo. I struggled with these fixings last summer. The new ones that I had were like the OP's old ones - 2 part. Absolutely useless. The nuts on 2 of them were pushed out of the cage whilst trying to fit the bolts. I got some of the other type - one piece - and fitted them without a hitch. I used them on all of the bolts as I know there will be no problem for myself or any future owner removing the bolts. And yes, I use anti-seize on everything.
  5. Further to the above I forgot to mention that the diagonal braces have been bent backwards, ever so slightly, to help clear the oil cooler and give the lower attachments a better angle.
  6. I have just in this past week put my front end together after painting. It too has the oil cooler like yours. By a previous owner, the diagonal braces had been spaced out at the bottom attachments. Three nuts had been used as spacers over a long bolt and when it came to putting it back together I replaced the nuts with tube. The braces had been rubbing against the oil cooler, just a little but enough to warrant attention. I taped some neoprene tube around the braces at the two contact points. The spacer tubes are something like an inch long, maybe a bit more. You can't make them too long
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