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  1. Seems it may not be the disaster I thought it might be. In my head I was going to need to drop the gearbox again which would have been very upsetting. New 300tdi slave cylinder bought and hopefully fitted without spoiling the push rod in the process.
  2. Seems I have once again fallen foul of my eagerness to get parts bought on Paddocks website by seeing 'suitable for defender' on the overview page, but failing to open the page and seeing its only suitable for 200tdi defenders. Argh. I have bought and fitted a clutch slave cylinder for a 200tdi defender... to my 300tdi defender. This came apparent when trying to fit the new clutch flexi pipe today, with the 200tdi slave having a different pipe fitting. Before I swear a lot, maybe with a few tears, is there any difference between the two other than the hydraulic fitting? Suspect I know the answer already but I can cross my fingers...
  3. I have c*cked up when ordering parts to refresh my rear axle, so hopefully looking for an easy way out...although I suspect deep down I already know what I need to do. I have a 1996 110 CSW which had solid discs, with no ABS. I then bought a LOF disc and pad kit for a 1998-2016 110, which I have fitted... and now realised my error when trying to refit the calliper (disc looks to be a different offset). Would I be able to get away with buying callipers for a TD5(?) 110 to avoid stripping everything down again? I assume not, but worth asking the question...
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