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  1. Hi Giles, yes, you are spot on, I'm sure that is my car back in the original day, had a shifty around the Ibex site and sure enough there she was, thanks, Mike.
  2. Thanks Giles, I'll take a look and see how it was way back when.....!
  3. Hi TSD, wow, you guys know a lot about these cars, its fascinating, I know the 33's make the most sense but I'm going to be stupid and fit 35's, I have to push the possibilities beyond what makes sense and then solve the new issues that I'm going to create. My Ibex is a little tired in a few areas but some tlc and new arts will have it going long long into the future. Engine and gearbox swaps, I'm not at that level, I wish.....! But, I would like to investigate it to be honest, I love the Ibex and look forward to more and more joy messing about in the cracking little car. Do you know if there
  4. Hi FridgeFreezer, what's the crack with the 'Cosi V6', there is a good one up for grabs.....? I like the Tdi with manual box but can forsake the clatter for some V6 growl......this car is 80% street and 20% off road, just being honest, it lives in Spain and runs around a fairly small mainly 'black top' area......Cosi, would like to know.....?
  5. Thanks Mike, that's great, all good to know, probably, I'll do a quick measure on the car and try to figure out what's what etc, before I order tyres, rims I have on order but tyres there's a choice. Thanks so much. Mike.
  6. Looking forward to going over your build Mike...! What off set do you have on those rims of yours? Mike.
  7. Hi Mike, Thanks for the pictures and those great looking vehicles, looks awesome. So, i was going to go for the 35's but was really worried they would not even fit into the arches, i see you have been on 33's and 35's, do you think I would have any issues on the 35's? Cheers, Mike.
  8. Thanks for that, slow with my replies due to work this weekend.
  9. Hi, yes, its staying on UK plates, not possible to register it in Spain as Ibex was never sold there, I investigated it last year, big bucks to solve this, and yeah, those wheels and tyres are for the chop.
  10. Hi everyone, first day at school. I have a LHD SWB 200TDi IBEX and its time for new wheels and tyres, the Ibex was bought used, its a running Compomotive 16x9 with 265x75's. It a weekend car, I use it in Europe to tow a jet ski and its a car that's easy and fun to drive. The tyres are old and cracked so I'm changing wheels and tyres, in the next few years I may change the engine, when it was first born it was running a V6 Cosworth engine, the car was destined for USA but never made it. I run a 300TDi 90 pick up in the UK, totally standard, so the IBEX is a car I will keep forever as
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