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  1. Thanks for the welcome. The truck should have an early Td5 but was changed by a previous owner. I knew the engine was bad when I bought the truck but I still got about 6 years out of it. It just kept on going so I kept on driving. it started making a horrible noise on the duel carriageway so I knocked it out of gear and coasted to a safe place, by which time the engine had ground to a noisy halt. it wouldn’t even turn over and the AA guy said it was seized solid. I don’t have the time, know how or facility to do a rebuild myself so would much rather buy a good, low mileage unit
  2. Hi guys, I have a 1999 110 defender. It’s been rebuilt on a galvanised chassis and also has a 300tdi engine. The 300tdi engine has blown up so needs replacing. my question is, can I fit a 300tdi out of a disco easily or would there be many modifications to do? Thanks...
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