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  1. Can I thank you all for your inputs. Western, you were bob on mate. Replaced the failed near side repeater lamp and the problem went away. Can’t fathom why? So with a failed repeater lamp ( not LED) on one side, but LED indicators front and back, it causes such an imbalance in the current flows when using the indicators. That beats me. But that’s why there are web sites like this I guess! cheers Jim
  2. Yes, they are still the original lamps. I did find one has failed during my investigation but didn’t think it relevant. I’ll replace the lamp, see what transpires are let you know. thanks again.
  3. Many thanks Western. I’ll try the Bolton bits kit as I’m not sufficiently confident on wiring in diodes. Not sure why it worked for such a long time and only now decided to let me down cheers
  4. Sorry if this has been covered loads of times but I’m having indicator problems.on my fender90 Left hand turn on the stalk - all 3 LH lights flash. No problems Hazard warning switch - all six lights flash no problems. Right hand turn on the stalk - all six lights flash as per hazard switch. Problem. I removed the Hazard switch itself to run some tests. Connecting the purple live to the left hand light wire had the three of them glowing - not flashing obviously. Next, connecting the same purple to the right hand loom made all six lights glow. So there’s a problem
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