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  1. Thanks @RedLineMike. Spoke with Andy Sargeant this afternoon, what a super super nice guy! He couldn't have been more willing to help and share his thoughts. Great insight and simple advice. I will definitly get my wheels and tyres form them to return the favour when we get to that bit. Cheers
  2. Hi all, looking for some thoughts, suggestions or guidance on who to speak or where to look for setting up a 300tdi Defender 90 suspension to do the Intercontinental Rally (Old Paris Dakar Route) in Jan 2022. The base vehicle is a ex military Wolf, internal roll cage, strengthened chassis and axles, some other nice features for this trip so thought it would be a good start. The truck will get a full overhaul, engine out, full tune up, gear and T box out and overhauled and maybe change gear box ratios. Thoughts ? Re Suspension. My thinking is that large axle articulation is not that relev
  3. Thanks All. Problem solved!! I must have put the rotor assembly back incorrectly after I had overhauled it. Turns out there are two ways to adjust the park setting on the wipers to L or RHD. First is to spin the wheel boxes in the bulkhead as you suggested @snagger but if you got that wrong when refitting them (if you have done a bulkhead swap or wiper resto) it would probably be obvious to the naked eye as the routing for the drive cable would be all wrong. The second way and the correct way is to the open up the motor body (cover plate on the side), remove the rotor assembly ( c clip on the
  4. I am just finishing off a Wheels up restoration of a 1986 90 V8. New brush set for the wiper motor arrived today which i was hoping would let me finish off and seal up the dash. Brush set fitted and motor works as you’d hope but for some reason when you turn the wipers off they return to the top (vertically) rather than horizontally. Completely flummoxed. New wiring harness, new stop switch and new brush set. Not sure it would make a difference but could I have set the rotor wheel 180 out or is it a polarity issue somewhere? Is there a different stop switch for LHD that I have bought by accide
  5. Thanks for the replies. Have discovered ERR7299 & ERR4419 are essentially exactly the same pup. 7299 is just a later version and may have some uprated internals. Accordingly to Bosch the fuel settings are identical. I'll be sending both the pump and injectors for a Bosch rebuild and service. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks Snagger, I have been in touch with Automarine Diesel in Brighton who are Bosch service agents. They rebuilt a Series 3 CAV pump for me last year and did a really great job. I live in Jersey and everything like this needs to sent off island to be done properly. Apparently from their Bosch information the fuel settings for both pumps ERR 7299 & ERR 4419 are identical. ERR 7299 is just a later version and may have some updated parts but essentially exactly the same pump. I'll send them the pump and injectors to re build. Thanks
  7. I posted something in the 90 forum too but thought this might be something the military forum knows more about. I have a 1998 300tdi FFR Wolf. The injector pump need overhaul or replacement as I found iron filings in it. The part number is ERR 7299 stamped on the casing whereas the civilian 300tdi pump is ERR4419. Does anyone know what the difference is?
  8. Does anyone know the difference between the injector pump ERR7299 on the 1998 300tdi Wolf and the civilian one ERR4419. They look identical on the outside. Are the Wolf’s fuelled differently for more lower down trundling / heavy towing or something else? Mine is FFR with a hand throttle but don’t suppose that is relevant. I have found iron filings in my pump which would suggest to me something is breaking down in it and I want to get it sorted before it breaks completely or buggers my injectors too! Cost of ERR7299 gave me a shock so planning to replace with a stock ERR4419. Any thoughts
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