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  1. Oddly enough on my 200tdi i’ve got a 300tdi Bulkhead which uses a different metal dash support. (the metal frame underneath the dash)(200tdi has tabs inline with the vehicle whilst 300s bolt parallel to the bulkhead) . i’ve attempted bending and modifying it to fit it but with no success. i believe i found the part on lr workshop however can’t find the part for sale anywhere new or used. Could anyone help me source this part.
  2. thanks mate did think of replacing the wheel but it’s far cheaper to buy that ring. thanks for the info
  3. On my 200tdi i’ve been searching for the correct indicator cancel ring that attaches to my wheel. i have a classic 4spoke defender wheel. any idea on what the cancel ring is and where i can buy one. i’ve bought one before but it doesn’t even fit on my steering column. please help :/
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