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  1. Thanks Fellas, quick question, where would I find refurbished parts for this kind of Range rover???
  2. Wow thank you for sharing. This is just amazing a RR in the Highlands region
  3. Actually it's a 3 Door SUV which turned into someone's storage unit 🙄.... Anyways here's a few pics of the first time I went to have a look at it.... eventually got all the stuff out got it cleaned😁
  4. It was brought in between the late 90's and early 2000's I'm not sure when but I am the third owner of the vehicle, and yes spare parts here are a problem,
  5. Hi guys, obviously a newbie here, I joined this forum because I'm a big fan of Range rovers.... I recently got my hands on a Range rover Classic, and I decided to build it from the ground up, it has a complete engine and transmission, but just needs a bit of body work and a engine rebuild (overhaul kit) , it's a V8 unleaded, took out parts of the engine to have a better look at the inside and well it looks bad but I got alot of time on my hands right now so I just want to get the engine running and then the other stuff later, I'd really appreciate your ideas and suggestions for this kind
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