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  1. out of curiosity would an alternator charge a battery that is loosing charge, back up to full charge? perhaps its just an issue of losing charge and not necessarily the alternator ?
  2. the problem is with everything on i sometimes have the issue of indicators not working or headlights turning off, thats when it gets really bad, i usually find to fix that i can just recharge the battery and put it back in but then it seems i lose charge over time. Ive also noticed the battery light coming on when i start the car but it goes away after a few revs of the engine. But yeah basically i tihnk that rules out it being an issue with just the gauge, it seems it can be any and all electronics in the car, fuel gauge just seems to be first to take the hit
  3. multimeter is now in my amazon basket, will have ago at testing whilst running and clean up the earth points
  4. is there any advantages to the bigger alternator? i just assumed it would be a good investment as i begin to add more electronics to the car, i.e a diesel heater, led headlights etc.
  5. when you say check it, do you mean just check it has contact with the chassis?
  6. Hi guys, ive got a 98 300tdi that seems to be playing up ever since it got a new battery ( could be that? ) ive noticed after a full charge over time my battery loses charge, or so it seems. It starts with my fuel gauge not showing a full tank when it has a full tank, the more electronics i turn on in the car, i.e radio, headlights, indicators etc. the lower the fuel gauge goes, i cant figure out if this is an issue with the alternator not charging, the battery being a dud, or my uncle said something about potentially a faulty earthing wire? was hoping someone could help nail down what it is b
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