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  1. You know those senior moments you have... it was the damn hazard switch it works like an isolator for my indicators and it was bloody off!!!! 😂😂😂 Sorry guys
  2. Thanks Western any tip offs to where the earths are located for indicators if it is not the earths is there anything else it could be cheers Tom
  3. Hey guys tom again so my indicators died on me mysteriously I've traced back the indicator wires from each indicator light back to the relay and I've changed the relay but still nothing what have i missed? Could it be the actual unit in the steering column that gone? Cheers tom
  4. Hey guys has anyone else got a message like this before? Not sure if its a scam or not cheers Tom Patricia_Gomez 0 Started conversation: Thursday at 07:00 AM Click to participate https://form.gifts/ (or highlight the link and copy it into the browser address bar) Good luck.
  5. Firstly im an absolute begginer in this gig so here we go Radiator seems to be in good condition, Western cant see that any fins have disintegrated Stellaghost, as stupid as this seems i dont actually know where the thermostat is in the engine bay cheers Tom
  6. Hello all I have a 200 tdi 110 and she appears to have a heat problem after about half an hour of running shes below the red on the temperature gauge doesnt seem to have any difference to the engines running she has a turly turbo fitted so i dont know if thats making the engine more hot suggestions please cheers Tom
  7. Hi guys my 110, 200 tdi has the old style brake drums on the rear axle was just wanted to know if it is possible to convert to the newer style brake discs or not just wanted to know if it was possible before ordering the parts cheers Tom
  8. Hey guys I've got a bit of a dilemma here Im fixing up the old 2.5 110 down here and i put a fresh battery in her yesterday turned the key and nothing was going to put a jump lead straight onto the starter solenoid but not sure if its similar to the 200 tdi suggestions?
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